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Entertainment • Dec 08, 2018

Logan Paul gives shocking gift to adult film star Riley Reid on 'Impaulsive' podcast

Logan Paul gives shocking gift to adult film star Riley Reid on 'Impaulsive' podcast
Logan Paul, YouTube / Pinterest

Controversial YouTuber Logan Paul made waves during an episode of his ‘imPaulsive’ podcast, where he gave adult film star Riley Reid a fairly unusual present.


Paul went live in an exclusively eighteen-and-up episode with Reid and his crew on December 5, during which he brought up genital molding company ‘Clone A Willy.’

According to Paul, he had casted his own penis using the service - and even considered throwing it over ex-girlfriend Chloe Bennet’s fence so she would have something to remember him by.

“Well, so, I bought one when I got out of my last relationship,” Paul admitted. “The idea was to clone my willy, and then throw it over her fence and have it land in her yard, so she would permanently remember what she was missing out on.”


However, instead of gifting the mold to Bennet, he instead presented it to Reid, herself - and her reaction to the gag was priceless.

Rather than being a true-to-life replica, something appeared to have gone wrong in the casting process, and instead appeared to be a tube of random, hardened molding material.

Adult Film Expo 2016


“This doesn’t look like my dick,” Paul said of the botched job.

“Well it’s quite large,” Reid laughed, playing along with the joke. “It’s got some girth to it.”

While Paul never went through with his plan to get back at Bennet, their breakup in late October passed by rather silently, with Paul joking about their split throughout his vlogs after the news broke.

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