Logan Paul denies claims he faked $3.5m Pokemon card scandal for content

logan-paul-pokemon-card-scamThe Pokemon Company / YouTube: Logan Paul

Logan Paul denied claims that he faked the $3.5m Pokemon card box scandal for YouTube content, insisting that “it’s not fake at all” and the whole thing left him feeling “incredibly sad”.

In December 2021, Logan thought he struck gold after dropping $3.5 million on a 1st Edition Base Set of Pokemon cards. At the time, he claimed it was “sealed and authenticated.” However, that wasn’t the case.

Pokemon card collectors suspected that the box might be fake. Not only was it unusually numbered, but it was also verified by a smaller company with little experience. Logan looked into it and confirmed that it was indeed fake.

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Rather than being filled with Pokemon cards, it had G.I Joe cards instead. The man who sold it to him also had no idea they were fake. He reimbursed Logan in full and vowed to track down the scammers he bought it from.

Logan released a YouTube video about it, leading some people to suspect that he may have faked the whole scandal for content. However, during a recent episode of the IMPAULSIVE Podcast, he denied those claims.

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shyne150 with logan paul holding case of pokemon cardsTwitter: Logan Paul, Shyne150
Logan Paul got his money back from the man who sold the box to him.

“I see comments. They think I was acting. They think it’s fake,” Logan said. “But it’s not. It’s not fake at all. Being in that room that night was incredibly sad. The energy and the tragic feeling in the room was so palpable.

“Three and a half million dollars on f**king G.I Joe,” he added. “I cannot believe it. It was a sad day. That was a very sad day. You can’t just scam someone out of millions of dollars like that without legal consequences.”

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Logan has since learned that there seems to be a whole syndicate of people doing it. He believes they made a mistake by scamming him, though, because now their shady practices have been exposed to the public.

He also revealed that he’s helping the man who sold the box to him track down the scammers.

“He’s chasing his 2.7 million. We’re helping him. We’re trying to get all the information we can. People have suggested making a documentary out of it.”

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In the end, Logan has written the whole thing off as a loss. “It’s an L, and I’m not afraid to say it’s a fat f**king L.”

However, it hasn’t stopped him from winning big elsewhere. He launched a new sports drink called Prime Hydration with former rival KSI, and it sold out almost instantly.

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