Logan Paul responds to Mike Majlak “beef” rumors ahead of Mayweather fight

Logan Paul and Mike Majlak talkingYouTube: Logan Paul

Internet sensation Logan Paul has given an update on his beef with imPaulsive podcast co-host Mike Majlak, suggesting that they’ll try and iron things out in the future.

In late April, as he started to really gear up for his fight with Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather, Logan Paul ditched Los Angeles for Puerto Rico.

While a few familiar faces joined him on the excursion, his longtime podcast co-host Mike Majlak didn’t. Logan revealed that he didn’t invite Mike, and things have been muddy ever since.

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The pair have had to clear rumors about Mike being ‘fired’ from imPaulsive, and they’ve spoken about tension in their relationship. Now, with Logan only a few days from stepping into the ring, he’s talked about it again.

logan paul and mike majlak on impaulsiveInstagram: heybigmike
Logan and Mike has been a part of some unforgettable internet moments.

The YouTube star joined The True Geordie Podcast to give out some pre-match thoughts, predictions, and offer up some updates about his personal life. That, of course, included the relationship with Mike.

Logan explained that, given he was focused on the fight, he pushed a lot of stuff to the side, included the beef with Mike. “The issue is that it happened right as I entered training camp, so there wasn’t a proper setting or time to really iron it out,” he said.

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However, once he’s done with the Floyd fight, win or lose, Logan said that they’ll finally talk. “We’re grown men, we’ll figure it out for sure,” he added, but noted that he wasn’t sure where they stood right now.

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The pair reuniting and getting back to recording imPaulsive espidoes would, no doubt, delight fans who have been split since their ‘beef’ kicked off.

It remains to be seen if it’ll be a swift reunion, or if it’ll drag out and if Logan needs a break after he steps in to the ring to fight Floyd on June 6.

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