Timthetatman reacts to UFC star Max Holloway roasting him on Joe Rogan’s Podcast

Bill Cooney
Joe Rogan/Timthetatman

Former UFC Featherweight Champion Max ‘Blessed’ Holloway accidentally handed out a devastating roast to fellow streamer Timthetatman while on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast.

Holloway isn’t just a world-class fighter, he also streams plenty of Warzone, often hopping into matches with big games in the CoD community.

During his appearance on episode #103 of the Joe Rogan Experience MMA Show, the topic of esports and Holloway’s streaming came up as he and the host were talking about video games. With one slip of the tongue, the fighter managed to both give Tim a shoutout and brutally roast him at the same time.

While he used to stream on Twitch, Holloway now streams mostly Warzone from Facebook Gaming, but being a world-class athlete means he often hops into groups with some of the biggest names in CoD.

After Rogan asked who he’d played with the featherweight listed a few names, before accidentally delivering a shot from out of nowhere on poor Tim.

“My man named Tommey, I don’t know if you know Nickmercs, Timthefatman,” Holloway said, instantly realizing his inadvertent own. “Timthefatman, TimtheTATman. Tim, I’m so sorry Tim.”

When Tim watched the clip, it really does seem like he didn’t want to believe what he was seeing and hearing.

“Wait did Max, is this, is this actually on Joe Rogan’s podcast? Did he actually just call me ‘Timthefatman’ in front of Joe Rogan?” he asked in disbelief. “What a weird timeline where I’m getting mentioned by Max Holloway to Joe Rogan on his podcast as ‘Timthefatman.’ Nice.”

It was definitely an unfortunate misstep from the UFC star but Tim laughed it off and took it like a champ, apparently much more psyched he had been mentioned to Rogan at all, even if his name was messed up in one of the most unfortunate ways imaginable.

It’s probably too early to start speculating on whether or not Tim could appear as a guest on JRE sometime in the future, but really it’s the least Rogan could do after the streamer got introduced to the millions of listeners as Timthefatman.