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Logan Paul explains why being on YouTube is like “walking on eggshells”

Published: 4/Mar/2020 4:19

by Brad Norton


Logan Paul has lashed out at YouTube and shared his ‘disappointment’ in the platform after a number of the Maverick’s recent video uploads failed to appear for his fans around the world.

While Logan Paul has been uploading multiple videos a week on his personal channel to over 20 million subscribers, along with weekly episodes of his ongoing Impaulsive podcast, the YouTube sensation has called out the platform after various videos failed to reach viewers.

Expressing his frustrations after a number of fans reached out, he appeared to have reached his breaking point and couldn’t help but vent his frustrations.


“Hope you guys are aware that neither of Logan’s last two vlogs, including today’s, have made it to the home page or recommended page,” Twitter user ‘24_1111’ shared on March 3 after scrolling through their feed on YouTube’s mobile app.

“Mad disappointed right now,” Paul swiftly expressed after hearing that his latest efforts were going unnoticed by the millions who follow him on the platform.

“The moment I start to catch my stride on YouTube, all of my recent videos get buried. Trying to evolve while walking on eggshells is proving to be a major uphill battle,” he added after seeing the news about his “buried” videos.


Despite taking home the top spot at the ninth annual Streamy Awards and being recognized as the number one podcast of the year, the Paul brother seems more than frustrated at his performance on the platform of late. However, it seems the reasons are mostly out of his control.

While his latest upload may have toed the line by featuring the word ‘nipple’ in the title, previous videos seem to fall in line with his regular output, making it somewhat of a mystery as to why YouTube’s algorithm wouldn’t correctly promote the content or have it appear in the feed of his 20 million subscribers.


YouTube has yet to issue any form of response to one of its biggest creators, though Paul is continuing to upload for the time being, in spite of recent difficulties.

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Logan Paul and Mike Maljak release regular content as part of the Impaulsive podcast series.

This isn’t the first time the Maverick has struggled with getting himself across on YouTube — Paul has faced plenty of difficulties in the past while trying to get his content in front of as many eyes as possible.

With other internet superstars calling for a new platform to overtake YouTube’s foothold, perhaps it’s only a matter of time until we see the Paul brother switch to a different platform after their recent struggles on the site.