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Logan Paul confirms boxing match with professional slapper amid fake video rumors

Published: 23/Jun/2019 21:06

by Virginia Glaze


Controversial YouTuber Logan Paul is in hot water, yet again – this time, for accusations of staging his viral slap video from early May, by the very man he supposedly knocked out cold.

While fans accused Logan Paul of faking the video upon its release, he wasn’t in the clear, just yet.

Following the release of his mini-doc covering preparation for the Battle on the Volga, professional slapper ‘Slap for Cash’ released an Instagram post likewise claiming that the video was staged, and even challenged Paul to a bout in the boxing ring.

In the video, Slap for Cash accused Paul of making him “look bad,” and even alleged that he’d been flown out to help the YouTuber get out of his impending slap battle.


“I was okay with helping him get out of the recent Russian slap contest,” Slap for Cash claimed. “I was alright with even falling on the ground. I’m not alright with how they reacted. You tried to make me look bad? Let’s go in the boxing ring and see what happens.”

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Of course, Paul has made it known that he’s itching for another fight ahead of his rematch with rival YouTuber KSI – and announced an official date for his impending bout with the slapper.

“I think I’m gonna box him,” Paul admitted in a joint video with his little brother, Jake Paul. “I invited him to my house next Tuesday to come and box me. …I’m gonna knock you out. This time, you’re not gonna be able to say it’s fake.”


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However, Slap for Cash might not be down with his rules for the bout, claiming that Paul won’t allow him a corner man and that he isn’t supposed to bring friends to the match.

“Nobody would ever agree to any of that,” he said of the match, later uploading a recorded conversation with Paul’s manager discussing the topic.

This isn’t the first time Paul has responded to Slap for Cash’s accusations, either; following the release of his Instagram video on the topic, Paul uploaded his own video response to Twitter, claiming that the slapper’s accusations “boiled his blood.”


While Paul’s fight with Slap for Cash remains up in the air, his fight with KSI is set to take place in November 2019 – although Paul claims that he is still setting up the bout to maximize profits for both parties.