Logan Paul teases bizarre new documentary featuring slap fighting tournament

Logan Paul, YouTube / Dmitry Kotov, VICE

Controversial YouTuber Logan Paul’s divisive Flat Earth “mockumentary” debuted in late March – but he isn’t through with the documentary genre just yet.

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While Paul hinted that he’d come up with an idea for yet another film shortly thereafter, further details have since arisen as to what could be his next project – which could feature a “slap fight” against Russian strongmen.

Russian fitness outlet ‘Generation Iron’ revealed that Paul will be a participant in their ‘Battle on the Volga,’ which includes a legitimate “slap fight” between the YouTuber and two major names in the Russian slap-battle space.

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Logan Paul vs the ‘Dumpling’

According to an article on Generation Iron’s website, Paul will be throwing down with “the enormous Uncle Serozha,” as well as the “Russian slap champion” known as ‘Dumpling.’

Vasily Pelmen, who goes by the stage name ‘Dumpling,’ weighed in at 370 pounds and took the Male Slapping Championship at the 2019 Siberian Power Show in an unquestionable landslide victory.

Dmitry Kotov, VICEhttps://www.vice.com/en_us/article/evewxm/competitive-slapping-is-the-worlds-greatest-sport[ad name=”article3″]

While Paul has yet to speak out on his presence at the event, the ‘Battle on the Volga’ takes place from May 24-27 – giving Paul just a little over a month to train.

KSI vs Logan Paul – YouTube’s most anticipated boxing rematch

However, Paul may already be in peak condition for the battle, thanks to his training for the upcoming KSI vs Logan Paul boxing rematch in November 2019.

Paul has been outspoken on his desire to enter professional MMA with the UFC, as stated in multiple interviews and vlogs following his initial boxing match with KSI in summer 2018.

Despite owner Dana White’s dismissive statement on the matter, Paul continues to train, even uploading sparring footage from his initial boxing match in August 2018 with a scathing caption targeted at his rival KSI.

“KSI is doing everything he can to dodge this fight, tbh, I don’t blame him,” Paul wrote. “I’m collecting skulls this winter.”

KSI and Logan Paul’s rematch has been the subject of much scrutiny, after the two were speculated to face off once more in February 2019.

After being accused of breaking their contract, KSI set their rematch date for November 2019 – although further details on the match have yet to be released.