Twitch star Lirik surprised after Malena Tudi finds his merch at thrift store

LIRIK merchInstagram: @malenatudi / Twitter: @LIRIK

Popular Twitch streamer Saquib ‘Lirik’ Zahid was surprised to find out that Malena Tudi had found some of his older merch was at a thrift store.

Lirik is by far one of the oldest and biggest streamers on Twitch. Having joined the platform back in 2011, the 31-year-old truly defines what it is to be an OG in the space.

With that longevity comes tons of merch for his fans to enjoy, one of which was found at a thrift store — courtesy of another streamer, Malena Tudi.

Lirik TwitchLirik
Lirik has had one of the longest careers out of any Twitch streamer.

Lirik gets surprised to see his old merch at a thrift store

During his April 11 stream, Lirik had one of his viewers inform him that Malena had found some of his old merch at a thrift shop.

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Curious as to what that was all about, Lirik went to the clip which actually had Sodapoppin bring up the merch as he had received a picture of Malena holding up the shirt.

“She’s at the thrift store, look [at] what she found,” said Sodapoppin in the clip Lirik was viewing.

This gave Lirik a good chuckle, making a comment in jest over the pricing, asking: “How much? 15 bucks?”

The content creator followed that up by asking where it was being sold, while also jokingly pointing fingers at his viewers.

“What the f**k? Where was that?” he asked. “That must’ve been in Texas — one of you motherf**kers probably sold the shirt. One of you guys were probably like ‘f**k this streamer man, this guy sucks ass now.’”

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Some may say that it’s fitting that a guy like Lirik had his older merch at a thrift store. After all, he’s never been one to shy away from self-deprecating jokes and always sees the funny side. This was no exception.