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Lil Tay “fighting for her life” in Canada’s Supreme Court after worrying Instagram posts

Published: 24/Apr/2021 0:30 Updated: 24/Apr/2021 22:12

by Virginia Glaze


After over a year of silence on social media, 11-year-old influencer Lil Tay shared a concerning series of posts to her Instagram stories — and now, the reason behind them has been revealed.

Lil Tay, much like Bad Bhabie and Woah Vicky, skyrocketed to online fame for flexing her cash, luxury cars, and her “bad” attitude in viral videos.

However, it was later revealed that these “luxuries” Tay was touting were actually not her own, causing her mother to lose her job over the whole ordeal.

This, combined with footage that showed her brother, Jason, directing her off-camera, sparked the “FreeLilTay” movement online — a movement that has kicked off once again due to a shocking Instagram post.


A message is posted to Lil Tay's Instagram account
Instagram: liltay
A concerning message posted to Lil Tay’s Instagram account stated that “bad news” was forthcoming about the child internet star.

After being silent for nearly a full year on social media, Tay’s Instagram account teased an announcement for April 23, which contains damning claims against Tay’s father and step mother.

According to the post — and the Go Fund Me account that has been set up for her by her sibling — Tay’s “absentee” father has requested “custody, money and control over her career.”

That’s not all; the post also claims that Tay’s father and stepmother are “physically and mentally abusive” toward Tay, and “as a result of the situation, Tay has fallen into a state of depression.”



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The Instagram post shared about the court battle shows a video of the star from 2018 crying after being told that her father had requested custody of her.

The Go Fund Me seeks to raise funds for Tay’s legal fees as her mother fights for custody of her daughter in Canada’s BC Supreme Court.

GoFundMe Lil Tay statement
Jason Tian, GoFundMe
Tay’s sibling, Jason Tian, claimed that Tay’s father used her money to live a lavish lifestyle.

“He has stolen millions of dollars from my sister and has taken control of all her funds,” the Go Fund Me states. “He has signed million dollar deals and taken all of Tay’s money for himself, he has spent millions buying himself and his wife (Hanee Hope) a new mansion, speed boat, nice cars… they have been living a lavish lifestyle for the past 3 years off of Tay’s money.”


Update April 24

(Content Warning: Abuse)

Tay’s sibling posted images of the Instagram star with markings throughout her body and face, alleging child abuse.

They again pleaded for people to donate to the Go Fund Me though its still being met with skeptics who want to hear from Lil Tay herself.


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