Lil Pump roasted on TikTok for reaction to being unrecognized in Japan

Virginia Glaze
Lil Pump gets roasted on tiktok for not being recognized in Japan 2

American rapper Lil Pump is getting roasted online due to a viral TikTok video that showed him being confused at not getting recognized while standing in a massive crowd in Japan.

TikTok is the number one place for content to go viral on the internet, and commenters certainly don’t hold back about their thoughts on the app’s latest trends, fads, and influencers.

Recently, a mainstream celebrity took some heat on the platform during his trip to Japan — and commenters couldn’t help but get a laugh out of his confused reaction to the events unfolding (or rather, not unfolding) around him.

American rapper Lil Pump recently took a trip to the Land of the Rising Sun, but a specific part of his journey is garnering a ton of attention and going viral online.

In a TikTok clip, Lil Pump stands in the middle of a busy Tokyo street as crowds mill around him. Normally, in America, he’d probably be mobbed by fans… but in Japan, it doesn’t look like he’s as recognizable to the everyman.

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Lil Pump seemed totally confused by this turn of events and even put up his hands in visible bewilderment — and TikTok couldn’t get enough of his expression.

“I love it when famous people don’t get recognized and you can clearly see it hurts their ego,” one commenter said.

“Humbled real quick,” another quipped.

“He’s like, ‘Damn, I really fell off,'” another joked.

Lil Pump TikTok comments

However, Lil Pump did eventually receive some love from his fans in Japan, as the rapper posted a video of himself posing with fans on his Instagram account.

“Tokyo shows love,” he clarified in the post’s caption. “Love y’all, be back soon.”

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It looks like Pump cleared the air after the viral TikTok clip gave critics the wrong impression, following another major moment on the platform from another big music artist, Ed Sheeran.

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