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Leafy reveals plan to become full-time Twitch streamer after YouTube ban

Published: 26/Aug/2020 13:25

by Daniel Cleary


Former YouTuber Calvin ‘LeafyIsHere’ Lee Vail has revealed his intentions to stream on Twitch full-time after his account received a permanent ban from Google’s video-sharing platform.

Despite being one of the platform’s fastest-growing content creators in the months prior, Leafy took a long hiatus from YouTube in December 2017, only to return in 2020 with new videos discussing online drama.


Following a series of videos criticizing stars like Pokimane, iDubbz and more, it was revealed that Leafy’s channel, which had just under five million subscribers, had been permanently suspended from YouTube on August 19.

CS:GO player attempt at custom surf map
Woody, YouTube
Leafy was well known for his commentaries over CS:GO surfing gameplay.

Leafy revealed that his channel had been terminated due to “multiple or severe violations of YouTube’s policy prohibiting content designed to harass, bully or threaten” and initially called the platform out, demanding answers for the punishment.


However, it seems as if he is moving on from YouTube, after revealing his intentions to switch to rival streaming platform Twitch full-time, during his first broadcast back on August 25.

After his viewers asked him to become a full-time Twitch streamer, Leafy explained that it was definitely in his plans to stream more often following his YouTube ban.

Topic starts at 11:30.

“That’s the plan,” he admitted. “It’s definitely a different adjustment to make but I’ve been doing YouTube for a while so it’d be something new.”


Although, he did reveal that he was a little hesitant to get back into streaming, highlighting the different pressures when creating live content, “I’m not going to lie there is like a certain amount of pressure, it’s all live.”

Despite his plans to become a Twitch star, it seems as if the Amazon-owned platform has also taken action against the popular content creator, with one viewer pointing out that his channel had been ‘shadowbanned’ and was not showing up in searches.


He responded by claiming it might be best to set up his own platform, where people “could say and do anything they want” but for now it seems as if he is still intending to stream on Twitch, despite the restrictions.


Mr Beast put 100 players in an Among Us lobby and it actually worked

Published: 17/Oct/2020 10:58

by Georgina Smith


Hugely popular YouTuber Mr Beast, known for his grand-scale videos, has apparently achieved a 100 player game of Among Us, something previously thought impossible in the base game.

Jimmy ‘Mr Beast’ Donaldson is known for taking everything to the next level, and that ability has scored him a whopping 45 million subscribers on his main channel, with over 7.4 billion views on his videos collectively.


He also has an additional 9.2 million subscribers on his gaming channel, where he does crazy gaming challenges with his friends, well-known YouTubers and his subscribers, frequenting games such as Minecraft and GTA 5.

MrBeast in Minecraft YouTube challenge
YouTube: MrBeast Gaming
MrBeast has given away crazy prizes on his gaming channel, like a $10,000 Taco Bell gift card in a Minecraft challenge.

Naturally, Jimmy has jumped on the latest craze to sweep the internet; Among Us. Among Us was released in 2018, but found a new lease of life years later when it rose through the ranks on Twitch.


Currently, the lobby can hold no greater than ten people. However many have considered how amazing it would be to have more players in a single game, and one animation made by the Pixel Kingdom depicting what it would be like to have 100 players in the game has garnered an insane 85,000,000 views on YouTube, so clearly the feature is in high demand.

If there’s anyone to make it happen in reality, it’s Mr Beast. He teased a 100 player lobby on Twitter, announcing the upcoming video on Friday, October 16, though was met with slight scepticism.

It seems that despite many doubts, Mr Beast actually managed to achieve the seemingly impossible feat, as the final video showed a fully operational 100 player lobby of Among Us. There are some minor differences to the original game, but the resemblance is absolutely uncanny.


This video saw various members of Mr Beast’s team attempting to kill all of the 100 players in the lobby, without the other players figuring out which usernames they were going by, thereby establishing them as the imposter.

While it’s not totally clear how exactly he managed the feat, many have speculated that Mr Beast and his team have built their own version of Among Us from scratch, which allows a lobby with many more players than is possible in the actual game, judging by the minor differences.

At the end of the video, Jimmy asked fans to “comment what you want us to do next in Among Us” as “we can do anything,” teasing even crazier content relating to the hugely popular game further down the line.


Mr Beast’s video managed to garner over 6.5 million views on the video within less than 24 hours of it being posted, with people excited to see the results of the ambitious gaming video.