Lady Gaga makes a ‘fake’ Instagram boomerang and gets roasted for it

Instagram: Lady Gaga

Music icon Lady Gaga has gone viral across social media with a ‘fake’ boomerang on Instagram as fans are both confused and roasting her over it. 

The rise of TikTok and Instagram has led to the birth of a new generation of internet stars, but they’re not the only ones who have gained popularity with short-form videos on the two platforms. 

Plenty of celebrities from a wide range of fields have also dived in and started creating content on both platforms, with many from the world of music benefiting greatly. Their songs and dances have sparked a whole host of trends – just ask Lizzo for proof of that. 

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Lady Gaga has been on both for quite some as well, but their videos don’t exactly go down as well as some of her fellow singer-songwriter’s posts. 

Lady Gaga’s fake Instagram Boomerang sparks fan roasts

In fact, the ‘Poker Face’ star found herself on the end of some confusion and wild roasts from fans, after she posted a ‘fake’ boomerang-style video. 

The boomerang, if you’ve not used Instagram in the last few years, are videos that last a few seconds and look like they’re playing repeatedly. In Gaga’s post, she was tucking her hair behind her ear, but it didn’t have the boomerang effect. She was just doing it herself. 

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“Not her making a fake boomerang,” said one tweeter, whose post has gone massively viral on Twitter. They weren’t alone, either. 

“She really said “Imma put the BOOMER in boomerang” and she ate ofc,” joked one. This is so embarrassing,” added another. This is hilarious because a boomerang goes back and forth,” commented another. 

Some fans suggested that Gaga had actually done it on purpose to go viral with the advertisement, given it’s not the first time she’s made a similar post. “She’s a marketing genius,” said one.

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