KSI sends warning to Jake Paul ahead of AnEsonGib fight

by Virginia Glaze
KSIOlajidebt2, Jake Paul - YouTube


YouTube star-turned-boxer KSI may have won his 2019 rematch with “The Maverick,” but that isn’t the end of his rivalry with the Paul brothers, thanks to a newfound grudge with Team 10 founder Jake Paul.

Jake is set to face off with British YouTuber AnEsonGib on Thursday, January 30 in their debut as professional boxers.

However, Gib isn’t Paul’s final celebrity opponent, with Jake calling his upcoming fight nothing more than a mere “doormat” on his way to his real goal — KSI.

TheBreadBatch, Instagram
YouTubers Jake Paul and AnEsonGib will throw down on January 30 in their debut as professional boxers.


While KSI initially brushed off his first attempts at a potential bout, it seems that his tune has since changed, with the Sidemen member ultimately agreeing to a fight with the American YouTuber, should he take the win over Gib.

It’s looking like their potential grudge match is turning into the real deal, too, thanks to a pointed warning KSI sent to Jake Paul via Twitter on January 28 that was captioned, "F**k Jake Paul. End his career AnEsonGib."

KSI, Instagram
KSI emerged the victor of his November 9 rematch with Logan Paul.


In his video post, KSI squared off with a typical boxing arcade game, the speed bag of which had been painted with Jake Paul’s face.

“F**k Jake Paul!” KSI shouted before giving the bag a solid punch, which tallied up to a score above 907. The camera then panned to KSI comically dancing to She Wes’s “Mo Bamba.”

Despite its humor, the customized threat sent a serious message to the youngest Paul brother — that KSI is more than ready to throw down if “Big Gibber” falls in the ring.


While Jake has yet to respond to KSI’s latest taunt, it comes as little surprise that he’s challenging YouTube’s biggest boxing champ, hoping to avenge his older brother’s loss by a two-point deduction in the fourth round of their November 9 rematch.

Although Logan appealed the decision, his request was ultimately denied, which he gracefully admitted in a video on the topic shortly thereafter.


Thanks to Jake’s highly-publicized challenge, it looks like the grudge between KSI and the Pauls isn’t over, just yet — although the actual possibility of a bout between the two depends on the outcome of the January 30 fight.