KSI reveals how he’ll “destroy” Jake Paul in potential boxing match

BBC Breakfast, YouTube / Brendan Tieger, YouTube

YouTube star and music artist KSI seems set to face off with rival internet celeb Jake Paul for a possible boxing match — and the British content creator already has a solid prediction for how their fight will turn out.

Although KSI is best known for his infamous feud with Logan Paul, he has since sparked a substantial rivalry with the “Maverick’s” little brother, Jake.

Following KSI’s split-decision victory over Logan in their November 2019 rematch, Jake vowed revenge against the British YouTuber for his brother’s loss and began a vicious beef with him over social media.

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Things heated up even further after Jake’s win against AnEsonGib in January 2020, where he came face to face with KSI in the boxing ring to further solidify a potential grudge match to end their family feud, once and for all.

Although a concrete date and venue have yet to be scheduled for the bout, a fight between these two YouTubers seems inevitable, and KSI claimed he already knows how the match will turn out.

Jake Paul, Instagram
Jake Paul defeated opponent AnEsonGib in the first round of their January 30 boxing match, paving the way for a potential fight with rival KSI.

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In a February 11 interview with BBC Breakfast, KSI claimed he would finish the fight by knockout after a fan asked him if this would be the outcome of their as-yet hypothetical standoff.

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“Yes, I am going to knock him out,” he answered confidently. “Obviously, he’s a different fighter to Logan, but yeah, I will destroy him.”

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Jake Paul has since seemingly responded to KSI’s comments on the matter, posting a heated rant to his Instagram stories on February 12 where he claimed he would take his rival down in the very first round.

“I’m really gonna take KSI down in the first round and all you idiots reading this that don’t believe it are the same idiots who thought Gib was the guy who was gonna beat Jake Paul and steal my legacy!”  he wrote. “HAHAHA idiots I laugh at how dumb y’all must feel!”

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Jake Paul, Instagram
Jake Paul went on a lengthy rant in his Instagram stories after KSI’s interview claiming he’d “destroy” him.

That’s not all: Jake continued his rant even further, claiming that KSI feels his proposed boxing match with him is merely a “game” after “laughing” at critics who predicted Gib as the winner of their January 30 fight.

“Please re-evaluate your thinking and I will gladly welcome you to become a fan of mine after knocking the sh*t out of KSI,” he continued. “Kid doesn’t know what he’s getting into. He thinks it’s some game, like Gib did.”

Jake Paul, Instagram
Jake Paul continued his Instagram rant by laughing at critics who had Gib as the favorite to take their January 30 boxing match.

For now, it seems that fans will have to watch and wait for any further news of the proposed bout — more specifically, of both KSI and Jake Paul’s confident knockout predictions.

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