KSI gave away a $20k pair of Red October Yeezys as he “didn’t know” their worth

KSI Yeezy headerYouTube: Complex

KSI has revealed that he once gave away a pair of rare Yeezy’s without realizing that the model was worth over $20,000.

Yeezy’s are a line of sneakers designed in collaboration between the shoe company Adidas and American rapper Kanye West. Since first launching back in 2015, Yeezy’s have become some of the most desired shoes over the years, with rare models and makes selling for upwards of $10,000.

During a YouTube video ‘KSI Goes Sneaker Shopping With Complex,’ the content creator revealed that he accidentally gave away a pair of rare Yeezy’s that are worth roughly $20,000. On Stock X, the shoes currently retail for a minimum of $20,000 USD, with the price going up depending on size. Some sizes asking consumers to pay over $40,000.

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KSI admits he gave away $20,000 Yeezy’s for free

When chatting about sneakers, KSI admitted that he owned a pair of Nike Air Yeezy II Red October’s and that he simply “gave it to charity” without realizing their worth.

For those interested, the whole video and walkthrough of the sneaker store and shoes can be viewed here:

“Who was I talking to? Either one of my mates… I think it was one of the Sidemen, I was talking to them and I was just like, the Red Octobers, and I saw they were going crazy over it. Being like, oh it’s worth $20k or something like that. I was just there like, what?”

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After laughing off his admission, KSI then added that he “didn’t know, didn’t realize. I was just like I need to clear some space in my house.”

After KSI and the host of the show once again laughed at the complete error from KSI, he then once again poked fun at his own mistake. “Standard. Look some homeless man is gassed. I don’t think I’ve ever said that publicly until now so yep.”

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