KSI and Deji get into heated argument on Twitter after feud takes a shocking turn - UPDATE - Dexerto

KSI and Deji get into heated argument on Twitter after feud takes a shocking turn – UPDATE

Published: 25/Dec/2018 6:31 Updated: 25/Dec/2018 20:21

by Wyatt Donigan


After weeks of feuding between YouTube stars and siblings ‘KSI’ and Deji, things look to have taken a surprising turn on based on a Tweet posted by KSI on December 24.

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The drama between the brothers first got started back on November 30 when KSI got upset with Deji for talking about KSI’s pregancny scandal in a YouTube video. 

While things seemed to have reached a breaking point with Deji’s diss track released on December 6, that seems to pale in comparison to the latest development.

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KSI posted a Tweet on December 24 that revealed the surprising turn of the feud, saying that he has been kicked out of the house by Deji who is allegedly threatening to call the police if KSI stays.


KSI has previously alluded to more problems having cropped up, tweeting “It’s always my fault. Cba anymore” and “[Shitiest] Christmas ever” less than an hour before the above Tweet was posted.

KSI looks to have changed his tune from previous mentions of his brother over the last couple of weeks where he was pleading for the two to talk things over before things got even worse between them.

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In the minutes following KSI’s initial Tweet, Deji seemingly confirmed KSI’s allegations of being kicked out, saying: “You always play the victim card and just manipulate your fans to hate me. You’re nothing by a bully, who thinks he’s always right.”


This Tweet ignited a firestorm in which both of them went back and forth for almost two hours before things had seemingly settled down without much of a resolution. 

Despite it looking to have ended for now, KSI kept the fire going by releasing a recording of the moment Deji told him to leave the house. 

As expected, Deji fired back with a recording of his own in which he’s heard yelling “Why are you attacking my mum?!” just as the recording cuts off. 

KSI, however, didn’t seem fazed at all, implying that the recording was insinuating something that didn’t actually happen at all. 


Given that this has been brewing for weeks now and looks to have finally come to an ultimate head, it’s likely that this singular Twitter feud will be the last we hear on the matter. 

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On Christmas Day, Deji posted a video on YouTube giving a little more background information and an update on the feud from his point of view. 

Hours after posting the video, however, Deji has deleted it from YouTube along with all of his Tweets from their heated feud. 


Shortly after the video was posted, though, KSI called his brother out on Twitter, accusing him of using the whole thing to get views.