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Korean IRL streamers baited into lewd donation prank

Published: 20/Sep/2019 3:36 Updated: 20/Sep/2019 15:53

by Brent Koepp


Korean streamer ‘Yunicorn19’ was doing an IRL stream on Twitch with her two friends when they were baited with one of the oldest tricks in the book.

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Streaming personalities interact with their chat as a way to keep their audience engaged, and reading out the names of those that have donated is a big aspect of what drives people to give them money.

However, trolls often take advantage of this to try to get the streamer to say something funny without meaning to, and three Korean models learned this lesson during their September 19 stream when a donation baited them into saying something lewd.


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Twitch donation gone wrong

The Korean streamers decided to make things fun for their chat by giving their donations a maid-like twist, where they would read out the names of their donators and call them ‘master’, which is a characteristic of the roleplay.

However, things took a lewd turn when a $5 tip from a troll called ‘Bater’ came in, and one of the women quickly thanked him out loud. 

“Thank you for donating, master Bater!” she said, before immediately covering her mouth when realizing what it sounded like.

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After being tricked into saying the lewd phrase, the model then turned to her friends and confirmed that she said what they thought was said, to which one of the women laughed “yeah, it was a trick!”


One female didn’t understand what happened, but broke down laughing when it was explained that she said “masturbator” and said “People are going to clip this, it will be on Livestream Fails!” 

The streamer who was tricked didn’t look too amused, before she replied to the chat and said “you are evil. You’re a pervert, all of you guys are perverts!”

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This isn’t the first time this has happened recently – another Korean streamer by the name of Hesou ‘EXBC’ was also baited into a lewd donation prank during her IRL stream on August 24. 


While walking around the city of Busan, she received a similar donation prank, when the person’s name was ‘Mike_Hunt_Is_bald’ and she accidentally read it out loud without realizing what it sounded like.

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IRL streams are some of the most watched broadcasts on Twitch, as the ‘Just Chatting’ category is consistently in the top 10 most viewed categories on the streaming platform.