KEEMSTAR claims RiceGum and Jake Paul promoted scam gambling website

. 4 years ago

YouTuber Daniel ‘KEEMSTAR’ Keem has claimed that fellow YouTubers Bryan ‘RiceGum’ Le and Jake Paul are set to be embroiled in a controversy involving a scam gambling website.

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KEEMSTAR stated on December 30 that he had been offered $100,000 from a website in return for promoting them on his social channels, but turned the offer down.

He also said that Jake Paul, younger brother of Logan Paul, had accepted the deal and had begun “promoting a gambling site where you pay money for a chance to win Hype Beast stuff.”

YouTube / Jake Paul
Jake Paul uploaded a video of him using the site to his YouTube channel.
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KEEMSTAR has now claimed that the website is fraudulent, calling it a “scam”, and says that he didn’t know this until January 1.

In addition to Jake Paul, RiceGum also promoted this same gambling website, and KEEMSTAR expects the pair to be “called out” in the coming days.

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The website is not a traditional gambling experience, offering ‘mystery boxes’ rather than cash. Users can pay a set amount of money to receive a box, which could include valuable items, such as name-brand clothing, electronics or even luxury vehicles.

Both Jake Paul and RiceGum made a video supposedly showing them using the website and winning big. For example, RiceGum buys a $99 box of ‘hype shoes’, and opens shoes worth over $1,000, and can immediately sell them back for a profit.

Commenters on both videos are critical of the YouTubers, with one user claiming that they were scammed, saying: “I tried this website and I completely got scammed out of a large amount of money.”

Both RiceGum and Jake Paul have so far remained silent on the issue, while their videos promoting the site are approaching 2 million views.

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