KEEMSTAR calls out YouTube for new policy on ‘abusive’ Super Chats

YouTuber and Drama Alert host Daniel ‘KEEMSTAR’ Keem is calling out YouTube for its new policy on contributions from ‘abusive’ Super Chats.

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He posted a screenshot from an article detailing YouTube’s updated terms of service regarding its Super Chat system, which allows users to purchase a special, highlighted message that stays pinned to a video’s live chat for a limited period of time.

The article explained that YouTube will now send the revenue from any ‘abusive’ commenters who purchase a Super Chat to a charity of their choosing, instead of splitting the amount between itself and the creator.

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“If a user is caught sending abusive Super Chats, the revenue received will be donated to charity instead of being split between YouTube and the channel’s creator,” the statement read.

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KEEMSTAR took issue with this development in his Tweet, which he called ‘unreal.’

Other users across Twitter are similarly up in arms about the change.

“…it’s a major YIKES!,” one user commented. “YouTube is taking money from someone who wanted to support YOU #nobueno”

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Some YouTubers are calling for a boycott of the service, as suggested by controversial IRL streamer Ice Poseidon, who suggested that KEEMSTAR disable Super Chats altogether.

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“You could just disable Super Chat and force people to use streamlabs, easy fix to that and gives YouTube reason to fuck off with this change,” he replied.

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Others are suggesting that the change may be an incentive for creators to control the behavior of their audience by placing a potential risk on their pocketbooks.

Whatever the case, the change has largely been met with open dissent. Other major YouTubers on the platform have yet to speak on the development.