KEEMSTAR blasts ImAllexx for allegedly “planning” false rape allegations

Twitter: ImAllexx / YouTube: DramaAlert

Drama Alert host Daniel ‘KEEMSTAR‘ Keem has fired all cylinders against YouTuber Alexander ‘ImAllexx’ Elmslie, accusing him of “planning” false rape allegations against fellow YouTube star Michael ‘Slazo’ Kucharski.

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The ImAllexx drama has been going on for a while now, and first started when the YouTuber sided with Slazo’s ex-girlfriend Chey when she uploaded screenshots to Twitter, accusing her former lover of sexual assault.

Slazo responded to her claims and denied all allegations against him with proof of his own, which many fellow YouTubers and online personalities believed and supported, including KEEMSTAR and Pierce ‘Kavos’ Kavanagh. Despite this, ImAllexx continued to back Chey, and now the DramaAlert host has accused him of allegedly “planning” false rape allegations.

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KEEMSTAR didn’t hold back

In his July 19 DramaAlert video, KEEMSTAR blasted the British YouTuber for allegedly teaming up with Chey and “planning” to bring Slazo down with false rape allegations.

“I really don’t like this guy. This guy has made videos and lied about me before, and he’s lied about a bunch of other people.” he began. “I’m not sure if it’s really just him doing lazy research and not knowing the truth or it’s just flat-out lies for clickbait and whatnot, but this one hits at the core.”

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He then addressed Slazo’s video where he ‘debunked’ his ex’s claims. “He apologized for being a bad boyfriend, but there’s no sexual assault or sexual abuse, none of that. After Slazo’s explanation of everything and the proof that he put forward, I mean, it was clear that people are on (his) side here.”

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KEEM then went in all guns blazing on ImAllexx, and shared screenshots that allegedly show the YouTuber planning the false rape accusations from the very beginning. 

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In one screenshot, Alex appears to say “but it’s not like he isn’t a fucking monster, like, they are actively choosing to protect Slazo, who will be done for it eventually. Maybe not today or tomorrow, but he will.”

“Oh my God, talk about a backstab of a friend.” the DramaAlert host exclaimed before going into detail about how Alex’s subscriber counts have been dropping. “Apparently the fans are not having this from Alex, his true colors are being shown and so far, ImAllexx has lost subs every single day since this started coming out.”

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(Timestamp 6:02 for mobile viewers.)

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This isn’t the first time KEEMSTAR has made the claim

His DramaAlert video isn’t the first time KEEM has made the claim that Alex allegedly falsified and planned the rape allegations. In a tweet on July 15, he shared another screenshot showing a supposed conversation between the YouTuber and Chey.

“Look I reckon we need to try to get it out soon. Want to make sure that he can’t continue, whatever makes that happen I support.” Alex allegedly said in a Discord message. “With events coming up, I wanna make sure no one else associates with him.” Slazo’s ex-girlfriend replied.

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As always, we’ll keep you updated with any further developments that may occur in future regarding the situation.