ImAllexx accused of falsely labelling fellow YouTuber a rapist [UPDATED]

by Meg Bethany Koepp
Twitter: ImAllexx / Twitter: Slazo


British YouTuber Alexander 'ImAllexx' Elmslie has been accused of falsely labelling fellow YouTube star Michael 'Slazo' Kucharski a 'rapist', following sexual abuse allegations.


The sexual abuse allegations first started when Slazo's ex-girlfriend 'Chey' posted a Twitlonger on Twitter, where she made some shocking accusations against the Australian YouTuber.

"Michael was incredibly demanding of sexual favours and would often guilt or force me into situations to which I was not comfortable. If I was to try and deny, or argue against him he would become aggressive." Chey wrote. "Michael would often yell or become upset when I refused or said I was not in the mood. To this, the only way to calm him was for me to send him images, or undress on camera, we lived 3 hours away from each other by train, so most of the time it was our only contact."


The ex-lover also claimed that she was a minor at the time, while he was over the legal age to have sex, and stated that she specifically expressed the decision to wait until she was 16, but he refused - instead pushing and guilting her into acting out sexual favors she felt uncomfortable performing. 

Chey then showed several screenshots of conversations between the pair that seemed to corroborate her story.

Slazo Screenshots


Slazo responded to her claims

Slazo responded to Chey's allegations in a video, refuting her sexual assault claims. He specifically talked about one instance where they went on a first date together - an event Chey described as "uncomfortable" as he "touched me in a cinema despite me never kissing someone before".

"It's true that we did meet on our first date, and we did go to the cinema. It was very awkward, we'd only talked online before that, neither of us really knew what we were doing too well." The Australian YouTuber said in his video. "We went to the cinema, we had our first kiss, our teeth hit each other's, neither of us knew what we were doing. I was willing to call it quits there, when she pulls my hand down and says to touch her."

He then went on to claim that he never got the impression she was uncomfortable, and showed off screenshots where his ex-girlfriend was seemingly happy with the sexual aspect of their relationship, and also alleged that some of the texts she showed off in her Twitlonger were jokes and shouldn't have been taken seriously.


ImAllexx sided with Slazo's ex

Popular British YouTuber ImAllexx replied to Chay's Twitlonger post with a tweet of his own, where he supported her amid her sexual abuse claims: "It's incredibly brave to speak out about your experience, I hope he doesn't get to continue doing this to other impressionable people. Those messages make me feel ill."

He then followed up with another tweet two days later after Chey issued a response to Slazo defending himself on Daniel 'KEEMSTAR' Keem's Drama Alert, saying: "People go back to abusers. I don't think the idea of that is far fetched honestly. All I've seen is him admit to what was put in the screenshots. Sorry that this is being dragged out chey."


Alex then took to social media to post a short clip in response to Slazo's video. "I want to make a statement because of the fact that obviously I came out and supported Chay when she posted her Twitlonger. First of all, I already knew that some of the screenshots that were used in Chay's Twitlonger were jokes. Stupid jokes are stupid jokes - I don't think that's the problem."

He then went on to say: "My problem with Michael was him admitting to doing things that he knew Chay may not have wanted to do, and being incredibly forceful and almost demanding."

"I don't believe he's innocent, I don't think he's innocent at all. Chay may not also be innocent and may have hid stuff and used jokes to try and maybe push a certain agenda. But at the same time, the stuff that Michael admitted to is stuff that makes me not want to be friends with somebody who is capable of doing those things."

The commentary YouTuber then finished off by stating "I really hope [Slazo] gets help and doesn't just continue doing what he did, and he should try and improve himself."

KEEMSTAR says ImAllexx pushed 'false rape charges'

Alex's defence of the ex sparked controversy and debate amongst fans, causing KEEMSTAR to hit back at the British YouTuber. KEEM had previously been on popular internet podcast 'Baited!' where it was alleged that Slazo actually lived with Alex for a month while visiting the UK, which made his public defending of Chey look even worse.

"I’m tempted to make a video on ImAllexx for pushing false rape charges on an innocent man. Going to give him a day to make a real apology!" the Drama Alert host tweeted.

Alex then hit back, defending himself against KEEMSTAR's claims he called Slazo a rapist: "I have not called Slazo a rapist Keem and you full well know that I have not once referred to him as a rapist. Saying I have is simply untrue."

Commentary YouTuber Pierce 'Kavos' Kavanagh sided with Slavo and KEEMSTAR, and posted a screenshot of Alex's response with the caption: "Guys Alex never "referred" to Slazo as a rapist, instead he fully supported false rape allegations, lied to all his followers about slazo and tried making him out to be a nonce. I don't think anyone cares about you specifically calling him a rapist."

Kavos had uploaded a video about the British YouTuber titled "ImAllexx Needs To Be CANCELLED" two days prior, in which he called out Alex for siding with Slazo's ex-girlfriend.

"ImAllexx the commentary clown needs to be held accountable for all these awful mistakes that he has made especially regarding the Slazo situation. ImAllexx maybe needs to consider another route on youtube because Commentary clearly isn't working out for him." the video's caption read.

YouTube drama is certainly never dull, but the Slazo situation is something that's gotten many of the platform's stars heated when it comes to picking the 'right' side of the coin. 

Dexerto has reached out to both ImAllexx and Slazo for comment.

UPDATED July 15, 5:20PM PST

Kavos and KEEMSTAR claim to have discovered alleged 'proof' that ImAllexx "planned" to take down Slazo in a series of Discord messages.

Tweeting out screenshots on July 15, Kavos said: "DMs leaked showing huge Youtubers PLANNING to take down Slazo with these bullshit rape allegations. How the fuck can you support any of these creators especially ImAllexx"

"Look I reckon we need to try to get it out soon. Want to make sure that he can't continue, whatever makes that happen I support." Alex allegedly wrote in a Discord message between user 'Kwite' and user 'hyojin' - who we assume is Chey.

The DramaAlert host then followed up with a tweet of his own addressing Alex directly, saying: "We now have proof ImAllexx that you planned / organized FALSE rape allegations on Slazo ! And fellow YouTuber and so called friend that makes similar content to Alex! - Allegations that you knew Alex were 100% false cus you were literally there!"

ImAllexx replied to KEEMSTAR's tweet, defending himself against the allegations once more.

"As said in that DM, I said I’d support the people who came forward as I believe the victims who had contacted us. I’m not trying to falsely accuse anyone of anything, just support my friends who were going through a hard time at the hands of another as it seemed the right thing." he said.

"Fuck offf HAHAHAH you “wanted to make sure he couldn’t continue” “whatever makes that happen I support” what does that mean then?" Kavos replied. "Your such a little pussy too only replying when keem tweets because your scared he has more clout than you... disingenuous just trying to save your own ass."

"Whether they wanted to go to the police or not I would support their decision on how they wanted to deal with it. I was just consoling someone who seemed to be in a lot of distress." ImAllex tried to explain, but Kavos clapped back.

"Still not admitting your wrong and being a bitch. Please just stop Commentary you are a danger to this platform."

The entire situation is a gigantic mess at this point. As usual, we'll keep you updated with any further developments that may occur in future regarding the situation.