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Joe Rogan weighs in on Twitch’s body paint rules

Published: 11/Nov/2018 16:12

by Calum Patterson


A trend has taken off on Twitch recently with body painting streams causing some debate in the community, but UFC commentator and podcast host Joe Rogan says “why not?”

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Artistic streams and body painting specifically is not entirely new on Twitch generally, but in February 2018, Twitch made explicit mention of body paint and its place on the platform.

In an update of community guidelines, they stated that body painting is welcome provided it does not “violate our policies” – which includes being ‘sexually suggestive’.

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However, what is classified as sexually suggestive is slightly difficult to pin down to an exact science, and Twitch says it will take into account numerous contextual factors and ‘intent’.


Attire is meant to be suitable for the activity, which of course makes body painting somewhat of a grey area, but focus on “male or female genitals, buttocks, or nipples” is not permitted.

When discussing body painting on Twitch during his November 10 podcast, Rogan said “Why not? If you can wear a skin tight shirt that shows your nipples – and I’m all for that – why can’t a girl paint her tits and make some money?”

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His guest, Brendan Schaub, plays Devil’s advocate however, posing the question “Can a guy paint his dick and make some money?”

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After looking at a few examples of Twitch body painting, the pair were both equally surprised that it was allowed on Twitch, but neither appeared to be strongly against it either.

Currently, body painting appears to be a tolerated, although not celebrated, portion of content on Twitch, which very finely balances on the line between artistic and creative content and being too ‘sexually suggestive’, and there is no denying the talent that many of these artists display with their work.