Joe Rogan says fans getting tattoos of his face is “getting out of hand”

Joe Rogan talking to a mic next to a tattoo of his faceYouTube/Instagram: Joe Rogan

Podcast icon Joe Rogan has said that people getting tattoos of his face is “getting out of hand” as fans have been showing off some ridiculous artwork. 

The Joe Rogan Experience podcast has an extremely loyal following, even after making the move from YouTube to Spotify.

The UFC commentator has spoken about fostering a community in the comments of his videos, and interacts with fans every so often by giving replies on his podcasts.

With such a loyal following, some fans show their support in different ways – with some now getting tattoos of Joe’s face on their own bodies, and sort of the artwork is pretty impressive.

Joe Rogan on his podcastYouTube: PowerfulJRE
Rogan’s podcast has been going for years and remains incredibly popular.

Rogan has been reposting some of the tattoos on his Instagram page, with some being quite outlandish – one, in particular, depicts the podcast as being surrounded by mushrooms and having an alien on his head.

Others also have alien references in there, but all in all, the most popular theme seems to be Joe’s head with a third-eye coming out of the forehead.

“Surely there’re going to run out of people willing to do this soon…,” Rogan commented on one post, but the tattoos have continued. “Cleeeeeeearly this s**t is getting out of hand,” he said on March 6, following the latest update.


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Some of his fans were impressed by the art, but not everyone was sold. Imagine getting a tattoo for Instagram clout,” replied one fan. “Why are dudes tattooing another dudes face on their body?” asked another.

Clearly, given that Rogan is taken aback by them, the tattoos will continue, but who knows just how outlandish they’ll get. He has touched on plenty of theories beyond aliens, so there are different topics for fans to work with.

We’ll just have to wait and see if these Rogan tatooes get better, or somehow, get worse.