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Joe Rogan explains how gaming could be the future of fitness

Published: 14/Mar/2020 15:22

by Daniel Cleary


Popular UFC commentator Joe Rogan reveals his hopes for the future of VR gaming and explains why he thinks it could be the future of fitness.

Since virtual reality gaming first started to reach the masses, many players have been excited for its full potential and to see the different possibilities it could open up.

During episode 1440 of the Joe Rogan Experience, the podcast host revealed that he has high hopes for the future of VR and gaming during an interview with Doom Eternal developer Hugo Martin.

Joe Rogan explained why he was hopeful for the future of VR gaming.

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The pair began by discussing some of the advancements that video game developers had made in recent years, such as the ever-improving graphics that are making games more realistic than ever before.


Joe Rogan explained that he wanted to see gaming reach a stage where fans would benefit from immersing themselves in VR: “My hope for the future is that games are like that and you will be actually able to exercise doing that.”

“If you had a game where you’re in a warehouse and you’re actually running for your life, demons are chasing you, you’re shooting down things, your heart rate would be jacked,” Rogan explained.

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Similar to going to a gym for a workout, he continued to highlight the potential benefits that gaming in virtual reality could introduce in the future.


“You could do that for an hour and get a sick workout in and have an amazing, good time. You could get in great shape running from demons.”

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He also explained that the spaces used for the virtual reality experiences could be designed to mirror the in-game maps and that players could use a haptic feedback suit to be completely immersed in the action.

Although it is likely to take a few years until VR games reach such a level of immersion, many gamers have shared his hopes for similar capabilities in the future.

Martin explained though that realistically, VR won’t overtake traditional controller or mouse and keyboard gaming, as the skill and accuracy of these inputs can’t be replicated through VR, at least not yet.