Jessica Nigri inspires hilarious photoshop contest with new cosplay

Virginia Glaze

Popular cosplayer Jessica Nigri is known for her cosplay interpretations of characters from anime and video games – but one of her costumes is garnering attention for an entirely different reason.

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Nigri uploaded a new photo set on March 12, which included a hilarious picture of herself posing in the classic ‘hairball’ position that cats generally take before barfing up a wad of their own fur.

While Nigri was dressed in a “cat girl” ensemble, her humorous take on the cosplay inspired fans to create a series of photoshops that placed her in a variety of wacky situations.

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One fan inserted Nigri into Pokemon’s classic ‘Who’s That Pokemon’ segment, while another used her opposing facial expressions in a rendition of model Tyra Banks’ famous “but then make it fashion” quote.

That’s not all; fans even went so far as to recreate a scene from Marvel’s ‘Thor: Ragnarok,’ where Nigri replaced Surtur in the iconic fight between Thor and Hela.

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Nigri herself appeared to appreciate the hilarious images, retweeting many of the photoshops in good humor and even asking her fans to vote on which image they preferred, with the winner getting a special feature as her profile picture.

This isn’t the first time Nigri’s posts have inspired photoshop spinoffs, either; the cosplayer received an angry letter from a fan’s mother after sending her prints to the wrong address, inciting a slew of hilarious posts and memes poking fun at the blunder.