James Charles reveals first DM Dream sent him before he was famous

Georgina Smith
Dream next to James Charles
Instagram: dreamwastaken / jamescharles

YouTubers James Charles and Dream have revealed the first messages they sent each other on Discord back when Dream only had 200,000 subscribers, with fans loving the sweet message.

The past year has seen different parts of the internet combine in unexpected ways with new stars rising to fame insanely fast, and new communities forming.

Dream is one such YouTuber who has experienced a huge surge in popularity over the last year in particular, with his range of Minecraft content and participation in the wildly popular Dream SMP earning him over 19 million subscribers.

Games like Among Us saw countless different creators meet online for the first time to entertain viewers, and beauty YouTuber James Charles is one who wanted to get in on the gaming action, streaming with people like Corpse Husband, Valkyrae, and Dream.

Dream YouTube logo
YouTube: Dream
The YouTuber is fast approaching 20 million subscribers.

In a new video, James asked some of his new gaming creator friends to help pick a makeup look for him, and it was down to Dream to pick the setting spray to seal the finished look in place.

As James was screen-recording their Discord call, the pair quickly realized that they could see the first messages that Dream sent to the YouTuber via the platform, from August 2019.

“I have no idea if you’re playing in Minecraft Monday anymore or if I’ll be playing next week, but I’d absolutely love to team with you if you are and you need a teammate haha,” the message read. “I doubt you know who I am, but my Minecraft name is ‘Dream.’ You miss all the shots you don’t take.”

Topic starts at 20:05

After James read the message out loud, Dream said: “do you know how many subs I had back then? I had like 200k or something.”

James pointed out at the time of filming Dream had just hit 17 million subscribers, and now he’s already at 19.4 million, with the big 20 million fast approaching. He looks to be fast catching up with James who currently has over 25 million subscribers.

Dream’s message illuminates just how insane his growth on YouTube has been, and James is clearly proud to see how far his friend has come.