Jake Paul sued for $100 million over boxing match-fixing claims

Connor Bennett
Jake Paul sitting on sofa talking to camera in hat and t-shirt

Jake Paul has landed himself in some hot water after making match-fixing claims about a judge on Matchroom Boxing events, and he could lose over $100 million for it.

As he’s made waves in the world of boxing, Jake Paul has kept true to the outspoken persona that helped him rise up the ranks on YouTube and social media.

The ‘Problem Child’ isn’t afraid to say he’ll knock another fighter out, or criticize the quality of another fight, but he’s taken things to a new level recently. Jake appeared in a now-deleted IFL TV interview, where he made claims about a judge – Glenn Feldman – being corrupt due to his scorecards.

Feldman scored in favor of Katie Taylor, when the Irish fighter took on Amanda Serrano – who is represented by Jake’s MVP brand. He also had Anthony Joshua outscoring Oleksandr Usyk in their recent rematch, which irked Jake.

Jake Paul being sued for $100 million over boxing corruption claims

“This type of s*it, I’m going to call it out here in boxing because it’s bulls**t. Clearly, this guy is getting paid money by Matchroom Boxing,” the YouTuber-turned-boxer said about Feldman’s scoring.

That claim has, naturally, been refuted by Matchroom Boxing’s Eddie Hearn via a YouTube interview, and Jake looks to be being sued for over $100 million as a result.

“Both legally and ethically there is a clear line separating opinion from defamatory lies. Jake Paul knows that, and he purposely crossed that line when he wrongly accused Matchroom Boxing and Eddie Hearn of fixing fights,” Matchroom lawyer Frank Salzano told TMZ Sports.

“Nonetheless he was still given an opportunity to retract his defamatory statements and refused to. Now he will face the legal consequences of his actions as Matchroom and Mr. Hearn will be seeking damages in well excess of $100 million given the value and goodwill attached to the Matchroom business and the harmful nature of Mr. Paul’s comments.”

As it stands, there isn’t a court case on the docket for the claims just yet, but it likely won’t be long before that is the case as, according to ESPN, Hearn’s team are seeking a jury trial.

Though, it remains to be seen if it’ll end up with a hefty payout or if Jake will issue an official, legal apology.