Jake Paul reveals insane footage behind proposal to Tana Mongeau

Jake Paul, Tana Mongeau - Instagram

Controversial YouTubers Jake Paul and Tana Mongeau have taken their fast-paced relationship to the next level, after Paul proposed in the middle of a Vegas nightclub – but some fans aren’t believing the stunt is actually real, a theory that Paul contested with his behind-the-scenes footage of the event.

Paul uploaded a video on June 28 detailing the plans behind his proposal, which included such debacles as Tana’s bus breaking down in the middle of the Mojave desert on their way to Vegas.

Despite these mishaps, the party made it to Vegas in time for her birthday bash – but Mongeau had no idea that Paul was going to pop the question.

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Jake Paul, Instagram Jake Paul uploaded insane behind the scenes footage of his proposal to Mongeau – which included a ring pop, Deadpool-style.600

Jake finally made the move at the end of the night, giving a touching speech on stage while text reading, “Tana, will you marry me?” flashed across the LED displays throughout the club.

“But, like… I like you,” Paul said, struggling with the wrapper around the Ring Pop he’d brought with him. “I like you a lot. Like, so much. And I was thinking it would be dope if you would, like, marry me. Tana Mojo, take this strawberry Ring Pop and marry me, fam.”

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“What do I say? Like, ‘I do,’ or whatever?” Tana laughingly asked. “Yes Jake, I will marry you.”

The two have since Tweeted about their upcoming wedding, which sources close to the couple have allegedly penned for July 28, after initially scheduling the ceremony for June 28 – just four days after their engagement.

Jake’s video has prompted ample excitement from fans, with many commenters hoping that their relationship lasts, despite the speculation around their proposed wedding.

Even Jake’s older brother, Logan Paul, isn’t sure if the engagement is legit, questioning their union during an episode of his ‘imPaulsive’ podcast and even speculating that Tana is using Jake for his money during Jake’s “prank” video on June 26.

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With filming for Tana’s MTV show being underway, some critics are claiming that the YouTuber is using her “engagement” as content for the program, while others are hopeful that the two will share a happy marriage. Either way, the duo’s fans and family alike are in the dark until their vlog on the topic releases next month.