Jake Paul reignites Dana White feud following Hasim Rahman Jr cancelation

Jake Paul on the Impaulsive podcastYouTube: Jake Paul

Jake Paul’s fighting career has been full of controversy, and his spat with Dana White early in 2022 was one of the most notable yet. Now, after two canceled boxing bouts in a row, Jake has stoked the flames with UFC owner once more.

Jake Paul’s boxing aspirations have been on rocky ground this year with two bouts in a row being canceled before they ever happened. Instead of losing sleep over that lost time, it looks like The Problem Child has decided to keep his mind off of it by going back to the well and insulting Dana White again.

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Their first clash came back in August 2021 when the younger Paul brother insulted the way that White treats the fighters that work in the UFC and he’s come right back to that point to kick things off again.

Jake Paul takes more shots at Dana White after another boxing cancelation

Just like when he called for the UFC’s head honcho to raise pay rates and offer insurance to his fighters, JP took to Twitter to prod the lead man once again.

“Dana I know you’re proud of me,” the tweet reads. “It’s still ‘pay your fighters more’ and give them healthcare.”

The quote is also attached to a clip from Paul’s Dana White Diss Track video that The Problem Child uploaded back in January where he insinuates that White is obsessed with the NELK Boys and is participating in extramarital affairs.

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On the other side, the bossman did recently claim that the young upstart might need some better management around him and that the Fury/Rahman Jr. might have still gone down if he had better people watching over his career.

The veteran of the fighting game hasn’t been willing to engage the direct smack talk too much yet, but if Paul keeps pushing buttons then who knows what might happen next?