Jake Paul lashes out at Deji for his savage comments on boxing rematch - Dexerto

Jake Paul lashes out at Deji for his savage comments on boxing rematch

Published: 5/Dec/2018 22:57 Updated: 5/Dec/2018 22:59

by Virginia Glaze


Social media star Jake Paul has challenged former boxing opponent and fellow YouTuber Deji Olatjuni to a sparring match, after Deji made some scathing claims about the possibility of a rematch with Paul during the upcoming KSI vs Logan Paul fight.

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In an interview with TMZ on December 5, Deji claimed that Paul was “too pussy” to fight him again – despite Paul’s overwhelming victory during their bout on August 25.

“Obviously I want a rematch,” Deji claimed, “but he’s too pussy to fight me. …he’s too scared to lose his title. It’s too much of a risk, so he won’t fight me again.”


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While Paul himself stated that he hopes to fight someone noteworthy (such as MMA fighter Dillon Danis or even Chris Brown) during the second episode of his ‘Jake Paul Uncut’ series, he went on to call out Deji for his comments in a scathing Twitter post on December 5.

“Dear Deji,” Paul began, “Saw your paparazzi vid that says, ‘I’m scared to rematch you.’ However, I’m not gonna rematch you (you couldn’t even make it the whole fight), it wouldn’t be as exciting.”

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Paul went on to invite Deji to the Team 10 house for a sparring match, feeling that their bout could get a lot of eyes from their respective audiences on YouTube.


Deji is already in hot water with his own brother, KSI, who blocked him on social media after Deji exposed his bank records during a diss track to Sidemen member Randolph – even going on to claim that KSI had gotten a girl pregnant, insinuating that he had pressured her to get an abortion.