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Entertainment • Dec 05, 2018

Erika Costell involved in alleged sex tape scandal

Erika Costell involved in alleged sex tape scandal
Erika Costell, Niykki Heaton / Instagram

YouTuber and model Erika Costell found herself in the midst a social media scandal, after rumors spread that an alleged sex tape of hers had leaked online on December 2.


The scandal surfaced after Drama Alert host Daniel ‘KEEMSTAR’ Keem reportedly liked a Tweet concerning the tape on December 3, causing a storm of accusations to rise against Costell across Twitter.

The tape prompted many users to speculate that the woman featured in the video (which was allegedly filmed on a flip phone, dramatically decreasing the clip’s quality) was Erika Costell - although her face was never revealed during the clip’s duration.


However, YouTuber James Andre Jefferson, Jr. did some digging, discovering that the female party was, in fact, American singer and Instagram model Niykee Heaton.

Additionally, Jefferson revealed that the tape had leaked nearly four months ago, and questioned if the scandal had surfaced due to fans’ dislike of Costell after her breakup with YouTube star Jake Paul.

Niykee Heaton, Instagram


Furthermore, audiences noted that the woman in the tape lacked a tattoo on her back, indicating that she couldn’t have been Costell. 

Costell has eight tattoos across her body, with one on her right hip that reads, “loyalty.” However, the tape’s poor quality could have easily blurred the tattoo from view, which is written small, delicate lettering.

Steal Her Style

While both Costell and Niykee have yet to comment on the debacle, Costell did Tweet out a possible statement on December 4, writing, “The universe will test you until you listen to it,” followed by another Tweet on December 5 that read, “Sometimes, I wish there was a switch to turn off your mind.”

The male party in the video also remains unidentified, as does the user responsible for leaking the sensitive footage.

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