iShowSpeed wants to take streaming break due to hate from viewers

iShowSpeed stream breakYouTube: IShowSpeed

YouTuber iShowSpeed is considering taking a break from streaming due to hate from viewers after a clip of him lighting fireworks off in his bedroom went viral.

With 9.3 million subscribers on YouTube, iShowSpeed is one of the largest creators on the platform. With his subscriber count, Speed’s live streams and their respective VOD’s average about two million views.

On July 4, 2022, he went viral on social media after lighting fireworks inside of his bedroom, prompting a call to the firefighters.

Now, the YouTuber wants to take a streaming break due to hate from viewers that he has been receiving since the clip went viral.

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iShowSpeed considering a stream break

During his July 6 stream on YouTube, iShowSpeed began receiving hate from viewers in his chat spamming “common sense” as well as hateful messages read aloud through super chats.

“Don’t light fireworks inside, it’s common sense,” they said.

Speed said: “Whoever’s doing that sh*t, chill out bro. Seriously. Chill out, bro. Seriously stop, cause I’m not in the mood for that bro. I might just have to take like a one-day break from streaming.”

The creator went on to create a group chat with anyone that wanted to join, but he was met with nothing but more hateful comments from viewers.

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iShowSpeed thinking about taking break from streaming due to hateYouTube: iShowSpeed
iShowSpeed created a Google Meet group for his fans to join and was met with nothing but hatred.

“Those are the exact people. I don’t know when yall are gonna stop spamming ‘common sense,” he explained. “It’s going to get to a point where I say eff it and just end the [stream]… all because I lit a d*amn firework on stream. This is crazy.

“I genuinely don’t know what’s going on with yall. For yall to stop spamming common sense, what do you want me to do? Y’all want me to watch a godd*amn firefighter video?”