Is encasing loved ones in acrylic resin the newest terrifying taxidermy alternative?

Encasing loved ones in resin, the next best taxidermy alternativeTwitter: kellyport

Encasing loved ones in acrylic resin appears to be the newest proposed taxidermy alternative, leaving Twitter users both terrified and amused.

Taxidermy has long been used to preserve deceased animals, whether for study, display, or to keep a beloved pet close.

But what about encasing lost loved ones in acrylic resin instead?

Twitter user Kelly Port has suggested just this, sharing a haunting photo of a resin-encased dog displayed on a family’s table.

As an American visual effects artist, it is safe to assume Port hasn’t actually been popping the deceased in resin. But this didn’t stop Twitter from reacting accordingly.

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“This made me gag and laugh at the same time,” one user replied.

“After they’re dead or…?” another questioned, rightfully concerned.

Port went on to further embellish the idea with a second resin encasing, this time featuring ‘grandma’.

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Despite the bizarreness of Port’s taxidermy alternative, it seems the idea isn’t too far-fetched.

In fact, in 1903 Russian inventor Joseph Karwowski designed a solid glass “coffin” for just this purpose.

Addressing the United States Patent Office, Karwowski submitted an application complete with diagrams; showing the option to preserve either an entire body or just the deceased’s head.

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Twitter account ‘wtffiles’ shared the patent, hilariously captioning the Tweet with “Honestly, I just don’t have that type of storage space in my house”.

Something tells us this “Father’s Day gift” idea isn’t about to hit off any time soon, despite Port’s insistence that pets in acrylic resin are sure to make for a great present.

Until society is ready for Port’s ingenuity, we recommend a heartfelt letter or a nice watch instead.

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