IRL streamer broadcasts Mexican migrants breaking through American border - Dexerto

IRL streamer broadcasts Mexican migrants breaking through American border

Published: 15/Mar/2019 16:46 Updated: 15/Mar/2019 23:10

by Matt Porter


IRL streamer Andy ‘Mexican Andy’ Martin caught over 50 Mexican migrants attempting to break through the border and into the United States of America.

Martin is best known for his appearances on Paul ‘Ice Poseidon’ Denino’s various IRL streams, but also operates his own channel which he broadcasts from.


During a trip to Tijuana, Mexico, Martin went live on his Twitch channel, only to capture a group of Mexican migrants cut through the fence at the border and run into the United States.

Mexican Andy appears on Ice Poseidon’s IRL streams.

The story was eventually picked up by broadcaster ABC News 10, who interviewed the streamer about what he experienced.


Mexican Andy said the experience was “shocking.” There was a border patrol agent in the area, but Martin stated that the officer was “overwhelmed” and “could only do so much” to stop the group who were trying to make a break for the States.

In the clip, Martin can he heard screaming at his chat in shock as people began to flee across the sand, shouting: “Chat, chat, they’re crossing the border,” as they ran into the distance.

“They had scissors, and started cutting the fence,” Martin told the reporter. “Then they cut, and people just started running. [Border Patrol] couldn’t do anything, but they got three ATVs and I think they stopped all of them.”


Border Patrol later confirmed that two groups tried to storm into the United States at one time, and after backup was called by the lone agent on the scene, 53 people were arrested with none believed to have escaped.


Chase Hudson responds to Josh Richards saying he has ‘no style’

Published: 18/Oct/2020 1:57

by Alex Tsiaoussidis


Josh Richards has had a chip on his shoulder about Chase Hudson for quite some time. But the TikTok star has finally responded, and he’s taken the high road.

TikTok star Chase Hudson might only be 18 years old, but he’s already quite the internet celebrity. He has more than 25.6 million followers and around 1.4 billion likes, which is insane. Billboard has even named him as one of the top ten music influencers on TikTok.


But unfortunately, when you’re that popular, someone is bound to have a problem with you. And in this case, it’s Josh Richards.

It started on his podcast when he and his co-host, Dave Portnoy, made fun of Chase Hudson’s unique fashion sense. In their eyes, he had no style at all, and Josh event went as far as calling him an “a**hole.”


Chase Hudson responded with class

Their comments didn’t sit too well with Chase Hudson’s fans. But the man himself chimed in on the drama, and instead of adding fuel to the fire, he decided to take the high road.

“Josh tried to say, like, you had bad style or something like that,” said an interviewer from The Hollywood Fix. He was referring to the comments on their podcast. “I think you got really cool style, man.”

“I mean, I don’t want to say anything,” said Chase Hudson. He opened his hands and showed the camera some cool rings and black nail polish. “I want this one to be up to the fans. What do you guys think? Do you guys think I have an okay style?”


Chase Hudson turned in front of the camera to show off his swagger. He was wearing a black and white facemask, a grey sweater, black jeans, a white belt, a brown bag, and matching brown leather shoes decked out in bling.

“I think you’re unique in your own way, man,” said the interviewer. “Keep doing your thing.”

“Thank you,” said Chase Hudson. It was a nice moment and one that he seemed to genuinely appreciate. But more importantly, he was able to turn something negative into something positive.

Chase Hudson TikTok DramaChase Hudson is known for his unique fashion sense. This outfit is one of many examples.

Instead of feeding into the drama, he encouraged his fans to channel their energy into focusing on what they like about his style rather than the negative comments Josh Richards and Dave Portnoy said about it.

After all, we could all benefit from a little more positivity in the world, and Chase Hudson’s classy response sets a good example for his fans and followers.