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The Simpsons and League of Legends join forces for esports crossover episode

by David Purcell
The Simpsons


Esports is set to play a major role in a brand new crossover episode of The Simpsons with League of Legends, which is called 'E my Sports.'


The announcement was made on March 15, where the game's official Twitter account posted a very interesting shot to their followers, showing the likes of Bart Simpson, Nelson Muntz and a number of other young characters competing against each other. 

Simpsons writer Al Jean had shared a photo of the draft script cover for the episode back in May, 2019, but the image was slightly blurred. 


Riot Games
Riot Games
League of Legends will soon appear in The Simpsons.

However, eagle eyed fans speculated that it was a hint for an esports episode back then and finally now they have confirmation, boosted by the news that it will also feature League of Legends. 

Decked out with monitors and headsets, the characters certainly seem to look the part as they face off against each other playing the Riot Games title. 


Judging by the synopsis for the episode on the Simpsons Wiki, Bart will take the lead and try to become the next big esports player. 

The character will be trained and mentored by Homer, but it looks like the whole thing might get a little out of hand towards the end. We shall have to wait and see what antics unfold along the way. 

Episode 17 of Season 30 is set to air on March 17, 2019.