IRL Twitch streamer bit by random child while eating dinner in Turkey

IRL Twitch streamer JayStreazyTwitter: JayStreazy

The life of an IRL streamer can be an incredibly odd one, and while JustKeth and JayStreazy know that first hand, the lesson was only re-upped after the latter was bit by a child while out to dinner in Turkey.

IRL streaming has produced some of the internet’s weirdest moments. From streamers getting harassed in the streets to accidentally crashing a store robbery, the odd twists of daily life never seem to end for the content creators who partake in the hobby.

For JustKeth and her companion JayStreazy, what seemed like a normal night out in Turkey took an odd turn after the latter was approached by a child attempting to give him a flower. The encounter was mundane up until the little one came over and hugged Streazy by the arm but things escalated from there.

IRL Twitch streamer gets bitten by random child in Turkey

When the kiddo approached their table, he initially places the flower on the table and looks up at the streamer expectantly. After being brushed off he hangs around for a moment before swinging back around to grab the traveling creator by the arm.

After being denied again, he bares his teeth and bites directly into his would-be benefactor’s arm before snatching the rose off the table and walking away.

After the kid took off, Keth’s chat instantly ramped up the worst-case scenarios to explain why the little one decided to turn vicious, with theories ranging from rabies to the bite being a cover-up for a bigger heist. “Better check your wallet,” one commenter suggested.

However, in the time since the bite occurred, nothing more nefarious has been reported, and JayStreazy has even turned the moment into a command in his stream for the viewers that missed out on the bizarre incident.