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IRL Twitch streamer admits to cheating on girlfriend during awkward broadcast

Published: 6/Mar/2019 23:34 Updated: 7/Mar/2019 19:05

by Alan Bernal


Twitch streamer ‘Hyubsama’ admitted to cheating on his girlfriend ‘Starbitzychan’ during a revealing broadcast on March 6.

Though Hyubsama’s videos tend to be about his whimsical adventures through nearby eateries and locales, his latest stream took a dark turn in the moments following a startling confession.


During his livestream, Hyubsama sat Starbitzy down in front of the camera before opening up that he had kissed his ex-girlfriend Tina four days prior.

“I kissed her,” Hyubsama said. “I kissed Tina four days ago. I’m sorry.”


Starbitzy broke down while repeatedly saying: “that’s cheating.” To which Hyubsama replied: “I am [a] cheater.”

The stream kept going, capturing moments that ranged from Starblitzy trying to leave but being held back by Hyubsama, to people donating messages that only seemed to make the situation worse.

Audiences were obviously shocked, but the confusion quickly turned to spite as many said Hyubsama looked like he cared more about the stream’s reaction than Starbitzy.


“…Being remorseful for hurting another person, especially one you supposedly care about, would be the correct reaction. This guy literally doesn’t give a flying fuck how she feels. He used it 100% to gain views and stir drama…,” Reddit user Lonesurvivor said.

Other onlookers remained puzzled, as streamers have been known to routinely stage dramatic moments during their broadcast.

Hyubsama later followed up with Starblitzy to ask where she was, saying: “I don’t understand why you didnt come back. Because I cheated on you? That’s all? So I cheated on you so you’re going to break up with me?”


The stream was soon turned off leaving many to speculate on the mess Hyubsama had got himself into.


Drake’s incredible $8 million car collection in pictures

Published: 13/Oct/2020 16:30

by Kieran Bicknell


Drake needs no introduction. As one of the biggest names in rap music across the globe, the star has amassed a net worth of over $150 million. Not only is his net worth insane, but so is his car collection.

Canadian musician Drake – real name Aubrey – is one of the best-known names in rap music. With a ridiculous number of awards to his name, he has become an almost permanent fixture on mainstream music charts. As you may imagine, his success had led to him building up quite the car collection.


Reportedly, the total value of his current car collection is worth nearly eight-figures. With his continued success, it is likely that he will break this barrier within the next few years if all goes well.

Drake LaFerrari Car Collection
Instagram: @Champagnepapi
Drake’s car collection is the stuff of dream for even die-hard car collectors.

Drake’s insane car collection 2020

Drake is a big fan of British supercar makers McLaren, and has a number of their cars in his fleet. One of his personal favorites is his white McLaren 675LT. Costing upwards of $338,000 the 675LT is one of McLaren’s most ‘hardcore’ cars ever, with 666hp from its twin-turbo V8 engine.

Drake Lamborghini Aventador
YouTube: Hip Hop Content
His Lamborghini Aventador is a special edition LP 700-4 model.

Not one to go with ‘basic’ versions of cars, Drake purchased a limited-edition Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4. With 700hp on tap, this Lambo will do 0-60 in under 3 seconds, and cost Drake a cool $400,000. Drake has also previously said the car “makes him feel like Christian Bale (in Batman)” when behind the wheel.

Swapping performance for all-out luxury, Drake owns one of the plushest cars money can buy – a Mercedes Pullman. Typically used by royal families and government officials, this high-class Merc is perfect for whisking Drake around in absolute luxury. It doesn’t come cheap, however, retailing at over $600k.


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Opting for a one-off car is a great way to ‘flex’ your wealth, and that’s exactly what Drake has done with his $700k+ Mansory Bushukan Phantom. Featuring a custom design, along with a solid gold OVO hood ornament in place of the RR ‘spirit of ecstasy’ the Phantom is perfect for ultra-plush travel.


Drake’s incredible hypercar collection

In terms of hypercars, his collection is as crazy as you’d imagine. His Bugatti Veyron Sang Noir is one of only 12 in the world, and cost a whopping $2,000,000. Drake also has a LaFerrari in Yellow, which likely set him back around $1.5-$2 million.

Drakes Bugatti Veyron
YouTube: Hip Hop Content
Drake’s Veyron Sang Noir is one of his rarest cars.

If you thought the Bugatti was wild, the crown of Drake’s collection will blow you away. He has reportedly bought one of the world’s first Devel Sixteen hypercars. With an alleged 5000hp from its 12.3l, V16 engine, it is one of the rarest cars in the world, costing $2,200,000.

Drake’s custom private jet

Of course, we can’t forget his custom Boeing 767 private jet, but that won’t fit in a garage, so we’ve excluded it from the list.


All told, Drake’s car collection is currently sitting around the $8 million mark, if reports are to be believed. Who knows where it will sit in a few years time.