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IRL streamer stunned after creepy fan pays off taxi to drive her home

Published: 1/Feb/2020 19:59

by Virginia Glaze


IRL Twitch streamer “Jinnytty” was approached by a fan during a January broadcast — but things quickly got awkward after they pulled a stunt that left her visibly uncomfortable.

While being an internet star might seem like a cake walk, the job can bring some obsessed fans out of the woodwork, who might perceive personalities’ near-constant online availability as something more than it really is: just showbiz.

IRL streamer and language buff Jinnytty was confronted by one such fan during a trip to Taiwan’s Kenting National Park, during which she received a fairly large donation of 10,000 Twitch bits — $100 in US currency.


Instagram: yyj0728
IRL Twitch star “Jinnytty” experienced an uncomfortable encounter with an overly enthusiastic fan.

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However, those bits weren’t donated by a viewer from the comfort of their own home; instead, the donator was actually “watching” Jinny in real life, and approached the streamer after making his generous contribution.

“I know, you just gave it to me and you’re here!” Jinny exclaimed after the fan greeted her, handing her a plastic bag full of cake as a gift.

The fan then revealed that his birthday was yesterday, prompting a short “Happy Birthday” from Jinny, who he’d hoped to meet as part of his “birthday wish” — but he wasn’t done there, and even admitted to paying her taxi fare ahead of time so that he might take her home.


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Obviously, this didn’t sit well with the streamer, who denied his request after deliberating the awkward situation with the taxi driver: but rather than taking her answer at face value, the fan made a bit of a scene.

“I don’t know what to do,” Jinny admitted after stepping away to take care of the issue. “He’s legit sad. I had to tell him, ‘Don’t be sad,’ and stuff. Then, he said he’s gonna sit down there for ten minutes, and then go. …he’s just sitting down on the ground. He’s so sad.”


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After receiving a few warning messages from her viewers, Jinny finally left the fan to his own devices, adding yet another chapter to the many instances of streamers’ uncomfortable interactions with entitled fans.