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IRL streamer orders drive-thru fast food in weirdest way possible

Published: 24/Jun/2019 17:27

by Meg Bethany Koepp


Fast food drive-thrus are a fantastic way of getting your food quickly without having to leave your car, but one IRL Twitch streamer decided to order their meal in the most hilarious but weird way.

We’ve all been too lazy to cook at one point, and going to the drive-thru seems like God’s answer to our prayers: you don’t have to leave your car, or eat around other people.

One IRL streamer didn’t let the fact they don’t have a car stop them from taking full advantage of the drive-thru, by “driving” through to get their food in a grocery pull cart.


TwitchThe IRL streamer went through the drive-thru in a cart.

If you don’t have a car…

If you don’t own a car, improvisation is key, as proven by an unknown streamer, who broadcasted his drive-thru escapade on Twitch. The streamer deleted their stream from their channel quickly after the clip was posted, so we were sadly unable to catch their name.

In the video, the streamer is in fits of laughter as he rolls up to a Burger King window to pay after placing his food order. The lady working at the window can hardly contain her laughter either, as she takes his card to accept payment.

The clip is filmed in a non-English speaking country, so we are unable to understand what they’re saying, but it’s still absolutely hilarious. If you don’t have a vehicle, why should that stop you from enjoying the same privileges as someone who does?


(Mobile viewers, click here to watch the following clip on Streamable.)

IRL streamers record some crazy things

Broadcasting IRL is bound to record some crazy situations sometimes, but one streamer found out the hard way that walking around with your recording equipment on display for all to see can catch the eyes of the wrong people.

IRL streamer Brien ‘DailyDasher’ Bry was walking around Central Park in New York City when a thief tried to steal his phone right from his hands, failing miserably with the phone crashing to the floor.

Fortunately, two ladies walking behind him shouted a warning to him just seconds before the attempted robbery, giving him just enough time to turn around, stopping the thief dead in their tracks.


If this teaches people anything, it’s to not flash around expensive equipment in a public place – you never know who’s watching.