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IRL streamer mortified after rude Twitch donation plays loudly in public

Published: 15/Feb/2020 0:49 Updated: 16/Feb/2020 16:20

by Brent Koepp


An IRL streamer was left red in the face after a rude donation played out loud while he was shopping at grocery store chain Tesco. The devious viewer had the Twitch personality running for the door.

IRL broadcasts are as unpredictable as it gets, as you never know what you are going to run into in the real world. However, sometimes the unexpected danger comes from within the streamer’s own chat.

While shopping at the grocery store, a Twitch personality learned this the hard way when an extremely crude donation played out loud for everyone in public to hear.


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Streamer ‘GingerBeardie’ is a British IRL streamer and mental health advocate. However, the Twitch partner was left embarrassed when his broadcast in a Tesco store went south quickly due to devious viewers.

While at the check out, a donation came in that read out loud,  “Yes baby, happy Valentine’s Day. When you get home my ginger s**yness…” before going into a very crude act that needs no imagination.

The streamer looked down at his camera, and told the person who wrote the donation, “Yo, can you shut up bruv!?” as he continued to scan his items. Another donation, however, pinged and read, “There’s no way I’m paying for half of this s**t, you can get f**ked!”  Embarrassed, he shook his head and said, “for f**k’s sake” as a Tesco employee approached him.


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His chat quickly caught on, and began to write in so they could troll the streamer. “I’m stealing the food right now. Stay back or I’ll run away. I’m not paying for it. F**k you guys. F**k Tesco!” a donation played for everyone in the store to hear.

The streamer quickly began to bolt for the door, after the last message mentioned theft. He then burst into laughter as he ran, before exiting the place where he exhaled, “Oh my God. Yo, I’m never going back, bruv. I’m never going back!”


Mortified, the streamer exclaimed, “I’m f**ked. I definitely got to move now. Holy f**k!” He then explained to the viewer why he almost got him into trouble. “You f**ked me!” and said the donation’s bad timing happened in front of an employee trying to help him.

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While the situation was certainly embarrassing, the streamer seemed to take it in good strides. Although it’s highly unlikely that he will want to step back into that specific Tesco store again.

If nothing else, this was a lesson that just like the real world, you have to be prepared for the unexpected. And that also includes from within your own audience.