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IRL streamer falsely accused of filming in public bathroom

Published: 3/Aug/2019 23:45

by Brent Koepp


An IRL Twitch streamer was falsely accused of recording in a public bathroom by a random stranger in Japan on August 2. The bystander reported her to the police and the situation left her completely distraught.

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In-real-life streams can sometimes get uncomfortable fast, as the outside world isn’t always as safe as the normal broadcasts we are used to watching due to the unpredictability of human behavior.

While in Japan, IRL streamer ‘milkypuff’ was broadcasting her daily life when the situation took a sharp turn. She was suddenly approached by police after a local man accused her of breaking the law by filming in a public bathroom.


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A man called the police on milkypuff

During her August 2 stream, the Tokyo-based model was walking around a Japanese subway station when she paused her stream to go to the bathroom.

“I just got partnered, so I don’t want to have that kind of reputation,” she laughed before putting her broadcast into ‘BRB’ mode while she entered the public toilets.

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After the streamer came back, she was seen visibly distraught as a couple of police officers surrounded her, alongside the member of the public who accused her of filming in the bathroom.

“Camera on,” one of the officers stated, pointing at her phone and then in the direction of the bathrooms. “Microphone. Toilet.”


“And it was off!” milkypuff insisted. “He says I filmed in the bathroom when I didn’t. And…” She was then cut off by the angry man who reported her who accused her again of recording live in the bathrooms because the screen was on.

“It was not live! It was off! It’s off!” the streamer stated, as she got more upset.

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The bystander continued to argue with milkypuff, who broke down crying in defeat before being escorted away by the officers to the police station.

milkypuff claims the man was racist

Eventually, milkypuff returned to her stream and was absolutely distraught, claiming that the man who reported her was allegedly racist towards her: “He was racist, that’s why he did that. The entire time he was just talking about like foreigners do this, foreigners do that. It’s the foreigners so they must be doing it.”


She then went on to explain that she showed the police the VOD, and proved her innocence. But it took longer than necessary because of the man’s rant. “They knew I was innocent. But because the guy went on a fucking rant about foreigners, I had to stay for like an extra two hours for him to finish.”

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This latest IRL streamer interaction just goes to show yet again that not everybody is clued in on the world of online broadcasting and there’s still a long way to go before it’s a universally understood thing.