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IRL streamer gets into brutal cycling accident on Twitch

Published: 5/Sep/2019 0:21

by Brent Koepp


One IRL streamer found out the hard way that mixing real life and the digital world can have embarrassing consequences when things go wrong in front of an audience.

In-real-life streams combine the best of the outside world with the digital one, meaning that sometimes, the unexpected can happen at any time.

Streamer ‘Ricerman’ found this out the hard way when he got into an accident while broadcasting live on Twitch from his bicycle.

When Twitch streams go wrong

On September 4, the cyclist was riding along while also broadcasting live when he got into a brutal accident that will make any viewer wince.

Viewers could see his bicycle wobbling as he rode along a busy street, and watched in suspense as he tried to adjust his ride.

Unfortunately, the streamer failed to regain balance and exclaimed “OH SHIT!” to his audience shortly before he came crashing off his bike.

Luckily, he was okay and no harm was done, except maybe a few bruises. His fall did look painful though, as he rubbed his elbow and said “shit” upon picking himself up off of the ground.

A police officer saw Ricerman’s accident and rushed over to help, picking up his bicycle for him and asking if he was alright. “Yeah,” the streamer responded.

Not the only IRL accident caught on camera

This isn’t the only injury to ever be caught during an IRL broadcast. Back on July 23, another streamer by the name of ‘EJipt’ unexpectedly captured his friend’s accident.

While hanging out with a group of friends, a female was trying to learn the ropes of rope swinging and accidentally let go too early, resulting in a painful faceplanting disaster.

Thankfully, the girl was okay, as the streamer later confirmed on Discord, saying: “She’s just scrapped and bruised, so we’re gonna take care of her.”

If anything, accidents like these prove that streamers need to be extra vigilant when broadcasting day-to-day life, because the real world stops for nobody.


Noah Beck & Griffin Johnson under fire for “cancel culture” comments

Published: 28/Oct/2020 19:03

by Dexerto


TikTok stars Noah Beck and Griffin Johnson are taking heat from critics due to their divisive comments on “cancel culture,” as told during an episode of Johnson’s “Sway Way” podcast.

Also known as “call-out culture,” the term “cancel culture” has become a popular phrase in the past few years as social media has flourished, allowing users to highlight abuse, bad behavior, or other negative actions from people online.

When these bad behaviors are brought to light, the person responsible is usually called out, boycotted and ostracized, causing them to be publicly shamed and often ousted from their professional and social circles due to the resulting backlash.

“Cancel culture” itself is a divisive term, with many believing that it outright doesn’t exist, as those being “canceled” deserve to be called out for their actions and that those who are “canceled” are never truly brought to justice from the outrage.


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Still, others feel that “cancel culture” is going too far and is resulting in a toxic online environment — but either way, people are no longer willing to abide bad behavior from anyone, and social media has given users a platform to speak up against things they consider to be unjust.

TikTokers and Sway House members Griffin Johnson and Noah Beck recently spoke out on the social phenomenon during an episode of the Sway Way podcast — and their thoughts on the subject have sparked quite a bit of backlash against them.

“People are getting canceled for things that were totally acceptable,” Beck said. “I don’t want to say that people have gotten really sensitive, but at the same time, they have, and it’s like… there were some things that were acceptable back then that people could say, now it comes back on them five, 10 years later.”


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“I mean, I’ve done some things in my past where they come off as controversial today, but they weren’t that deep,” Beck continued, referencing his own controversial history on social media. “I can see why people think it’s a big deal now, but it’s like… I never thought I would have this platform. I never thought I would have this stage. I was growing up just playing soccer. I liked a few tweets, but I didn’t think anything of it at the time.”


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#noahbeck addresses his past controversial liked tweets

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Needless to say, both Beck and Johnson have received a substantial amount of criticism from listeners, with one user writing: “He really said that he never thought he would have gotten famous… so if you’re not famous, you can be homophobic and it’s not a big deal?”

Both boys have yet to speak out on the outrage, which only continues to grow in wake of their already storied history of sparking division among TikTok viewers.