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IRL streamer berates viewers for not donating “enough” money during 7-hour broadcast

Published: 30/Jun/2019 0:43 Updated: 30/Jun/2019 0:44

by Virginia Glaze


As one of the net’s most popular live streaming platforms, Twitch sees a slew of unexpected and sometimes downright shocking moments – as well as some incidents that make viewers seethe with rage, as evidenced by one streamer’s June 28 broadcast.

Many streamers across the net accept donations during their broadcasts, as a means for their fanbase to help support their stream in a concrete way, with some streamers getting massive donations in the thousands.

However, one streamer didn’t receive such gratuity from his audience – a development that led him to effectively “shame” his viewers for failing to donate the “right” amount.


FreepikMany streamers open donations during their broadcasts, allowing viewers to support their endeavors for future content.

The streamer (whose name is currently unknown) was broadcasting his night on the town when he not-so-subtly reminded his viewers to donate, in order to make up for the cost of going out.

“Guys, we got a donation goal, dude, we’ve been spending a lot of money tonight,” he began. “Fucking, consider donating – consider donating to this fucking thing, dude. Consider donating right now… help us out with the costs for tonight, man.”

However, his audience didn’t take the hint, leading the streamer to berate his viewers for only donating $40 during his seven-hour broadcast.

“I don’t know what to say, dude,” he reprimanded, holding up his hand in defeat. “Come on, bro. I’ve been streaming for fucking, like, seven hours or more. Forty bucks.”


[Timestamp: 4:25]

While this IRL streamer’s entitled attitude likely didn’t help his case, other streamers have received jaw-dropping amounts of money during their broadcasts, with one streamer receiving $7k in donations during a June 24 stream.

Twitch personality ‘QTCinderella’ was left stunned after receiving the massive donation, as if trying to comprehend the incredible amount before bursting into laughter.

She wouldn’t be the only streamer to receive a huge donation out of the blue, either; popular Korean streamer ‘HAchubby’ even received $1,600 during a broadcast, with the donator asking her to “buy a nice laptop” with the cash.

While these streamers were left shocked by their unexpected donations, it looks like our IRL streamer ended up getting the short end of the stick – and a sour reputation due to his behavior toward his audience.