International footballer fired by club for pro-Andrew Tate posts on Instagram

andrew tate reportedly seeking two warm up matches before logan paul fightYouTube: PBD Podcast

A footballer has been sacked by their club in Sweden after reportedly posting pro-Andrew Tate posts on social media despite being warned not to. 

Despite being around for years, Andrew Tate rose to prominence on the internet in the back half of 2022 through his misogynistic views, clashes with influencers, and lavish posts about his lifestyle. 

The former kickboxer had been banned from a number of platforms including TikTok, Twitch, and Twitter due to his claims, and he’s also been arrested for 30 days by Romanian authorities in relation to the abduction of two girls. This followed an online clash with climate activist Great Thunberg. 

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Plenty of Tate fans have taken to social media to support the Brit, with plenty circulating a video of him ‘predicting’ that “the matrix” was going to cause something to happen to him. 

Footballer sacked by Swedish club for pro-Andrew Tate posts

Iraqi-Swedish footballer Abbas Mohamad, who played for GAIS in the Swedish first division, reportedly posted an Instagram story in support of Tate with the caption: “innocent until proven guilty”.

This prompted a statement from the club on New Year’s Eve where they said it was “completely at odds with GAIS’s core values,” and that Mohamad had been warned about his posts. 

On January 7, though, GAIS confirmed that they’d cut ties with the defender. “GAIS and the recently contracted defender Abbas Mohamad have chosen to go their separate ways,” they posted on their website. “As an employer, the club will not comment further on the circumstances.”

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Following the confirmation that he’d been dismissed from the club, some fans noted that the defender posted another Instagram story of him laughing at the drama. 

Naturally, some were pleased to see him leave the club, calling it “disrespectful.” Others, though, questioned if he should have been sacked for his own personal social media posts. Though, he had been warned.