Influencer in viral plane video claims she disembarked flight by choice

Influencer in viral plane video claims she disembarked flight by choiceUnsplash: Chris Brignola / TMZ

An “Instagram famous” woman filmed disembarking a plane after getting into a verbal spat has claimed she left the flight by choice.

Morgan Osman made headlines after a video showed the Former Bad Girls Club star disembarking a plane following an argument among passengers.

Osman declared herself “Instagram famous” as she exited the flight and called the other flyers “f****** bums”, resulting in uproar online.

Now, she’s finally dishing out about what really happened in an interview with TMZ, and according to Osmon, she was never booted from the plane at all.

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“Obviously, things have transpired before the cameras rolled and we all know that. So I feel like it’s very unfair that people are attacking me when I was provoked and reacted,” Osmon said.

Instead of the narrative painted by the clip circulating online, Osmon claims she decided to leave the flight by choice after a “very special” woman “came in so hot” over a seat allocation misunderstanding.

“She sat down next to me and she got on Facetime and she’s making fun of me and I said, ‘Morgan this is not the flight for you… Just get off the flight because I’m [going to] knock her the f*** out’,” Osmon recounted.

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It was only after she decided to remove herself from the situation that other passengers “whipped out their cameras — because then they know it’s going to be a show.”

Influencer in plane videoTMZ
Osman’s Instagram account has since been deactivated for “breaking community guidelines”.

“I’m the sweetest girl; nobody films the good sh** I do for people. So, whatever. And it wouldn’t have been a sensation if it wasn’t a sensational 10-second clip,” Osmon said. “I don’t feel bad about any of it. I’ll be the crazy plane lady. I don’t care.”

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As for the “f****** bums”, Osmon had this message, “Don’t provoke me, you’ll get a reaction.”

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