Ibai’s La Velada Del Año II: How to watch Twitch boxing event, fight card & more

ibai twitch screenshot with la velada del ano 2 logo in cornerTwitch: Ibai

Spanish Twitch phenomenon Ibai has revealed his next boxing event, and it looks set to be a big one. Here’s all the information you need to know on ‘La Velada Del Año II’ — or, in English, The Night of the Year 2.

In May 2021, Ibai peaked at over 1.5 million viewers on Twitch as fans tuned in, in their droves to catch some of the boxing action featuring top Spanish content creators.

At the time he promised to set up another boxing event in 2022 if he reached over 1 million viewers (and even suggested he might head into the ring himself), and he’s staying true to that promise.

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With a number of returning fighters and a big night planned in Barcelona, be sure to check out the stream below and the full fight card.

Ibai boxing event stream & schedule

Like the 2021 event, Ibai’s boxing event will be hosted on his own stream, as embedded above.

La Velada Del Año II will take place on Saturday, June 25 2022, with the event starting at 5:30 pm CEST/4:30 pm BST/11:30 am EDT and 8:30 am PDT.

This early start time will be full of build-up to the fights, but the first fight – Carola vs Spursito – is scheduled to take place at 7:15 CEST/6:15 pm BST/1:30 pm EDT and 10:30 am PDT.

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Ibai’s La Velada Del Año II fight card

Here’s the full announced fight card for Ibai’s boxing event, in the scheduled order:

Carola vs Spursito
Ari Gameplays vs Paracetamor
Momo vs Viruzz
Luzu vs Lolito
David Bustamante vs Mr Jagger

While Ibai did say that he would fight in the 2022 card, he’s not anywhere to be seen here — but we can’t imagine he’ll have much time for fighting anyway while trying to host an epic boxing event.

Make sure to tune in and come back here for the latest news and updates on the event.

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