Ibai leapfrogs xQc into Twitch top 5 followed streamers with historic boxing event

Ibai Llanos laughs during Twitch stream.Twitch: Ibai Llanos

Spanish streaming star Ibai has jumped into the top five most-followed broadcasters on Twitch after his record-breaking boxing event.

Ibai’s La Velada Del Año II boxing event was record-breaking. The Spanish streaming star absolutely smashed Twitch’s live concurrent viewer records, surpassing 3.3M viewers during the June 25 broadcast.

Furthermore, the event brought a wave of new fans for Garatea, as the 27-year-old gained a spectacular amount of followers that boosted the Spanish broadcaster into the prestige list of the top five most-followed streamers on the platform.

ibai boxing event screencapIbai
Ibai drew in close to 3 million viewers during his La Velada Del Año II event on June 25.

Ibai breaks into top five most-followed streamers list

In May of 2021, Ibai held his first boxing event, featuring some of the biggest Spanish creators going head to head in the ring. His first rendition of the boxing event was widely successful – with Ibai peaking at 1.5M viewers during it.

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With such wild numbers, it’s no surprise that the streaming star went at it again with a follow-up event, which was somehow even bigger than the last.

Besides breaking viewership records, during the broadcast on June 25, Ibai amassed over 400,000 new followers on Twitch. The influx of new fans even pushed the Spanish star into the top five most-followed creators on the Amazon-owned platform.

Now sitting at over 11M followers, Ibai has now surpassed even the likes of xQc, and just sits closely behind Fortnite star Tfue.

Twitch top 5 followed streamers listTwitchMetrics
Ninja leads the way for Twitch followers, but Ibai has now cracked the top 5.

With such a record-breaking event and a clear demand for more influencer boxing, it wouldn’t be surprising if we see Ibai eyeing up another in the future.

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