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How to Watch the KSI vs Logan Paul Weigh-Ins – Time, Date, Stream and More

Published: 24/Aug/2018 10:37 Updated: 24/Aug/2018 14:49

by Matt Porter


The weigh-ins for KSI and Logan Paul’s eagerly anticipated boxing match will take place in a private event in Manchester on Friday August 24.

The two YouTube megastars will face off one more time before their fight on Saturday evening, and while the weigh-ins are closed to the public, fans will still be able to watch the event.

The full weigh-ins will be streamed, live and for free, on the KSI vs Logan Paul YouTube channel, and coverage begins at 16:00 BST (11:00 EDT, 08:00 PDT, 01:00 AEST).

Unfortunately, no fans will be permitted to attend the weigh-ins, with only press and sponsors of the event allowed in the building.


Logan Paul vs KSI is the main event of the card, while KSI’s brother Deji is headling the undercard as he squares of against Logan’s bother Jake Paul.

The fights take place on Saturday August 25 from the Manchester Arena, and is available via Pay-Per-View through the KSI vs Logan Paul YouTube channel.

Excitement has been building for these clashes all week, with both sets of brothers providing plenty of hype through their antics. On August 21, Logan Paul released a diss track attacking KSI, while on August 22nd Jake Paul slapped Deji when the Brit showed up at Paul’s gym unannounced.

True Geordie, who will be commentating the bouts, released a new trailer for the event on August 23rd, to help get everyone in the mood for these epic fights. You can watch the trailer below.


TSM Hamlinz finally breaks Twitter silence after four-months away

Published: 26/Oct/2020 3:43 Updated: 26/Oct/2020 3:46

by Alex Tsiaoussidis


Hamlinz has been missing in action for quite some time, but the beloved Fortnite streamer has finally broken his silence on Twitter on Oct. 25, and let the world know he is back and feeling good.

Darryle ‘Hamlinz’ Hamlin was once a pillar in the streaming world. He shot to fame while streaming Fortnite during its peak, and his popularity rose even more after he joined Team Solo Mid.

However, the beloved streamer has been on the down-low for several months now; in fact, he has been silent on social media for most of the year. 

Hamlinz tweeted every now and then between January and March, and even streamed a couple of times. But he was far less active than he used to be, and hadn’t posted at all since July.

Many speculated he might have been on another hiatus. The first one happened when he needed some time off to deal with a nasty cyst. The second one happened not long after when he needed some time to deal with personal issues.

TSM Hamlinz Social Media Silence
TSM Hamlinz
Hamlinz was once one of the most popular streamers alongside Shroud and Ninja.

Hamlinz is back and feeling like his old self again

Thankfully, he bounced back on both those occasions, and it seems like he’s bounced back once again. The full extent of what happened this time around remains unclear. However, the most important thing is that Hamlinz has finally broken his silence on social media.

“Feeling like my old self again,” he wrote. It’s a little more than one hour old, but the tweet has already amassed 50,000 likes, 6,5000 retweets, and 6,000 comments.

The hype is real, and for a good reason. Hamlinz is one of the most entertaining, likable, and talented streamers in the world. Plus, it’s always nice to see people recover from whatever issues they’re facing and get back on their own two feet.

The comments are filled with people happy to see him back. “Finally something good in 2020,” wrote one fan. “Hamlinz is BACK BABY,” wrote another.

TSM Hamlinz Social Media Silence
TSM Hamlinz
Hamlinz and Daequan are best friends and housemates.

Sadly, Hamlinz has remained tight-lipped on whether he will stream again anytime soon. However, considering he is feeling like his old self again, it could mean that a stream might not be too far away.

Either way, there’s no doubt that it will be a momentous occasion. If the excitement in the comments is anything to go by, the floodgates will open and his fans, followers, and viewers will come pouring in.

Hamlinz has more than five million followers across Twitch, Twitter, and Youtube. It seems all the time off hasn’t dampened his popularity in the slightest.