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How to watch Clash of Creators football event: Stream, date & kick-off time

Published: 25/Jul/2021 15:48

by Bill Cooney


Content creators from around the UK will be lacing up their boots for a football tournament all in the name of charity, and we’ve got all the info on how to tune in.

If you’ve ever wanted to see some of the UK’s biggest YouTube content creators of all types battle it out on the pitch, look no further than the upcoming Clash of Creators event from Deep Silver Creator Collective.

Clash of Creators was started by a 17-year-old YouTuber named Callum Glanville, who wanted to put on an “unforgettable” event for the whole community, including both large and small creators.


Glanville’s vision has, finally, come to life on Sunday, July 25 with the action getting underway.

Clash of Creators stream

You can catch all of the action live on Deep Silver’s Twitch page, as we said, starting at 12 PM BST/7 AM EST on Sunday, July 25 at the Aveley Football Club Ground.

Seeing as how YouTubers like Harry ‘W2S’ Lewis, Morgan ‘Morgz’ Hudson, Romell Henry, and many others will be front and center, if you aren’t able to catch it live there’s probably more than a good chance a video or two will be made about the tournament.

Who’s participating in Clash of Creators?

We’ve mentioned a few of the creators attending up above, but the full list is enough to make at least four full football teams of 11 people each. In addition to all the content creators, former England goalkeeper David James will be in attendance as well as a team manager.


The full list of participating content creators can be found down below:

  • Wroetoshaw
  • Morgz
  • ChrisMD
  • JaackMate
  • ImAlexx
  • Spencer FC
  • Josh Pieters
  • Thogden
  • Romell Henry
  • PieFace23
  • Sharky
  • AJ Shabeel
  • Nightscape
  • Zac Alsop
  • Jamie Rawsthorne
  • Reev HD
  • Ollie Ball
  • Jacob Pasquill
  • JMX
  • Josh Manifold,
  • Callum’s Corner
  • Alfie Indra
  • Thogdad
  • Brandonio
  • Casey Barker
  • SV2
  • SeaPeeKay
  • Charlie Roxburgh
  • Arthur TV
  • Callum Markie
  • Elliot Hackney
  • Robbie Knox
  • George Mason
  • David Vujanic
  • Ryan Franklin
  • xDuttinho
  • James Daniels
  • Max Fosh
  • LDN Movements
  • Theo Baker
  • Stevie White
  • Mikey Cobban
  • Cam Kirkham
  • Lewis Buchan
  • Charlie Morley
  • Jamie Campbell
  • DTG
  • Callum G
  • TomGW
  • Owen Powell
  • ThatGuyJamie
  • Marley Swarbz
  • JustEd, Chazavee
  • Liam Bedford
  • Ethan Gilly
  • Fusion Josh
  • Jack Hodgson
  • Alex Crawfy
  • James Odgers (Chewbonic)
  • George Peasnall
  • Matt Stokes