How to watch AMP vs RDCWorld NFL Flag Football game featuring Kai Cenat, more

AMP vs RDCWorld Flag Football NFL DraftNFL, AMP, RDCWorld, Pexels: Footballwife

Popular content creators from AMP and RDCWorld are set to compete in a Flag Football game at the NFL Draft soon. Here’s everything we know including how to watch and who’s participating.

Over the last few years, content collectives AMP and RDCWorld have skyrocketed in popularity throughout their respective communities and their own collective channels.

They each sport millions of followers and subscribers across social media with stars like Kai Cenat, Mark Phillips, and more.

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Now, they’re going up against each other in a Flag Football game at the NFL Draft. Here’s everything we know including how to watch, special guests, and more.

How to watch AMP vs RDCWorld’s Flag Football game

The AMP vs RDCWorld Flag Football game will take place on Saturday, April 29, 2023, at 1 pm CST and will end at 3 pm CST.

For those wanting to watch the event from home, here are the channels that will feature a live stream of the Flag Football game.

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If you want to watch the event happen live and in person during the NFL Draft in Kansas City, Missouri, you can sign up for free access here or through the NFL Onepass app on your phone. Fans attending in person are encouraged to arrive at 12 pm CST.

AMP vs RDCWorld Flag Football game rosters

Each team will consist of six people from each collective group alongside an NFL celebrity quarterback for both teams.

AMP Roster

  • Kai Cenat
  • Duke Dennis
  • Agent 00
  • Fanum
  • ImDavisss
  • Chrisnxtdoor

Former Philadelphia Eagles player Michael Vick will be their quarterback.

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RDCWorld Roster

  • Mark Phillips
  • Desmond Johnson
  • Ben Skinner
  • Dylan Patel
  • John Newton
  • IPI

Former Baltimore Ravens player Robert Griffin III will be the quarterback for RDCWorld.

AMP vs RDCWorld Flag Football game hosts

Here are the celebrities that will help host and report on the event during the live stream:

  • Tyreek Hill
  • Andrew Hawkins
  • Lou Young
  • Adam W

On top of all of this, each team will donate $10,000 of their own money to the NFL Foundation, which will go to the Greater Kansas City YMCA and Lee’s Summit Football Association.

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